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    Hello forum!

    I am new on this site but not to the general jailbreaking community.

    I have a questions.

    I did try to search the forum, and maybe there allready is a thread or several I could post in.
    But, in advance - Sorry if I broke any rules.

    Well, to explain the reason behind my question.

    I have a company that repairs and mod Iphones, both hardware and software.

    I do use Winterboard to customize my own and customers iPhone, and I do not wan't to break any copyrights or use pirated themes, as I do not condone piracy.

    So my questions is for the themers.

    Would I be allowed to post pictures of the themes I bought on my website, maybe linking to the author in som way?

    Best regards

    Franck - iXpert
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    2011-07-27 08:25 AM
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    Welcome to the forum. But ModMyi does not allow talk about cracked apps/warez/piracy. You may ask any other questions but judging by title of this thread your question here may break rules.
    2011-07-27 08:40 AM
  3. iXpert's Avatar
    Ok - I'm sorry about that, I will edit thread now.

    Thank you
    2011-07-27 08:49 AM