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    So I've been looking for a while to find a good cydia source for dreamboard and all I got was ***mod edit*** repo and ***mod edit*** is there any others?

    Mod Edit: No cracked app / warez discussion allowed on MMi.
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    2011-07-29 08:58 PM
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    It is not wise to post sources that promote piracy. Please remove those links. And by the way, the best source for dreamboard themes is on here, the website you are on right now
    My Themes

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    2011-07-29 09:48 PM
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    ^^ What he said!
    2011-07-29 09:55 PM
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    Although this isn't a Cydia source which hosts themes. There is now a replacement for the DreamStore by Fnetdesigns. Visit here http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-ne...store-app.html

    And the Cydia repo for the app is- fnetdesigns.com/cydia/repo
    2011-07-29 10:01 PM
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    No cracked app / warez discussion allowed on MMi.
    2011-07-29 10:03 PM
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    Just got a warning from MMI smh how do I remove this post?
    2011-07-29 11:45 PM
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    ^ MMI users are allowed to edit the content of their posts, but not delete their posts.
    2011-07-29 11:47 PM
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    I'm on my iPhone and trying to take it down but I don't see edit to edit it even
    2011-07-30 03:48 AM