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    Ok well I had to take my previous iPhone to get it replaced due to a camera issue.... Im suppose to pick it up today from Best Buy. Now i know it will come with 4.2.10. They told me its a refurbished phone. Well Im gonna want to downgrade back to 4.2.8 so that i can jailbreak with jailbreakme.com but ive heard that it doesnt work good on verizon iphones?? what should i do? and also ive noticed that theres an error that you get when your trying to downgrade. Error (1). Ive heard its cause the iphone isnt in DFU mode but when it happend to me i know i was in DFU mode. anyway to fix issue??
    2011-07-29 09:04 PM
  2. Mes's Avatar
    First thing. Download Tiny Umbrella (link in my sig below) and save all SHSH blobs. Use the advanced tab check and uncheck 'get from Cydia'. Once these are acquired, your downgrade choices (if any) will be known.
    2011-07-29 10:33 PM
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    Yeah i already knew all that .... But even running tiny umbrella with server running Error 1 might come up (i know this cause ive seen people post about it)..... any way to fix that? should i use jailbreakme.com? or is there issues still with that for verizon iphones?
    2011-07-29 11:16 PM
  4. Mes's Avatar
    Yeah i already knew all that .... But even running tiny umbrella with server running Error 1 ...
    I don't understand what error you're talking about.

    Tiny Umbrella Error?
    When starting the TSS Server?
    What are the SHSH blobs listed for your phone?
    2011-07-29 11:19 PM
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    sorry for not explaining it more directly lol... yes im talking about itunes error 1 when trying to downgrade...... I was reading in the link you have about itunes errors.... it tends to happen when downgrading.... Says just to change usb port and restart computer.... so ill try that if it happens when trying to downgrade.... now will jailbreakme.com work on 4.2.8? ive heard people will have it freeze....

    and yes i do have 4.2.8 on my blobs.... also 4.2.6 and 4.2.7
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    2011-07-29 11:22 PM
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    Jailbreakme.com info: Dev-Team Blog 4.2.6 thru 4.2.8 work
    2011-07-29 11:30 PM
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    Awseome thanks! ill use that then.... im just concerned that ill run into that Error 1 when trying to downgrade .... im almost positive that my iphone will come with 4.2.9 or .10 .....
    2011-07-29 11:31 PM
  8. Mes's Avatar
    Be aware ...... Your NEW phone's SHSH blobs are different than your current phone. Each device has unique, totally different SHSH blobs.
    2011-07-29 11:40 PM
  9. Verizon iPhone 4's Avatar
    So wait i wont be able to downgrade if im using a new iphone?? what can i do?
    2011-07-29 11:42 PM
  10. Mes's Avatar
    As I said in post #2:
    First thing, run Tiny Umbrella and get your SHSH blobs. Only then will you know the options for the new phone.
    2011-07-29 11:45 PM
  11. Verizon iPhone 4's Avatar
    Ok so once i sync my iphone to TinyUmbrella for the first time i have to save my SHSH blobs and then ill know if i can downgrade?? how will i know if i can?
    2011-07-29 11:51 PM
  12. Mes's Avatar
    Tiny Umbrella will show a list of available blobs on the right side (same as it does for your current phone).
    There may be only 1 entry, the latest because it's new/refurb'd .... but no-one knows at the moment
    2011-07-29 11:54 PM
  13. Verizon iPhone 4's Avatar
    yeah i see what you mean now.... so if theres none available then that means im stuck on 4.2.10? thats gonna suck... i really dont want a tethered jailbreak
    2011-07-29 11:57 PM
  14. Mes's Avatar
    I hear ya .... but that's Apples rules. They don't want us downgrading
    Nothing we can do but complain to Apple (hahaha).
    2011-07-29 11:59 PM
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    Yeah no kidding..... oh well time will tell... gonna go after work and pick it up... ill have to wait till 5.0 comes out till jailbreaking... gonna suck not having jailbreak for a while
    2011-07-30 12:01 AM
  16. Mes's Avatar
    ...ill have to wait till 5.0 comes out till jailbreaking... ...
    I don't want to add more ....... but don't expect a quick 5.0 jailbreak. Apple has made big changes in 5.0. While I'm sure our team will get it done, I also expect it will take longer than in the 3.x/4.x days. I hope to be proven wrong
    2011-07-30 12:07 AM