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    Can't you feel it?
    Watch the news, we all feel it. Revolution is coming. Everyone is sick and tired of this world, its time for a change. From the darkest depths, the black saviour, Nictra Savios awoke. Its time we shed our sins, its time for...


    Seven months ago, before bAdGigabit, before anyone knew who he was, he created a masterpeice that would shake the foundations of this world, to you... this is a theme, to me, this is the beginning. Almost lost to a hard drive crash, abandoned for months, left to rot in digital doom...
    It is reborn, wings ablaze in light, ever so majestic.

    Crafted with the care and imagination of a true warrior, shaped by the heart of a soon-to-be-bAd soul. Here it is, here I stake my claim.


    This is Repentance.

    Soon available on cydia.

    Lite version is free,
    All others are 0.99, comes with setup at jailbreakemnow

    Theme by: NictraSavios of the bAdGigabit Team

    Credits given to many people. I would give a list, but I have lost it to memory since I made this theme 7 months ago...So instead of choosing names, I choose to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey as a themer, thank you all so very much.

    And remember, If you like my work: http://bit.ly/Donate2Nictra and follow me on twitter for epic wallpapers, news, and a general , all around, half-insane nut-case

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    The red version looks delightfully evil Looks pretty cool!
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    2011-07-30 02:07 AM
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    Can you pleade post some more screenshots?
    2011-09-25 06:45 AM
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    Simply sweet.
    2011-09-26 02:14 AM