1. Taayzer's Avatar
    Looks awesome
    2011-08-03 07:13 AM
  2. kuanyu's Avatar
    2011-08-03 07:19 AM
  3. Taayzer's Avatar
    Will this be in cydia? How do we get it
    2011-08-03 07:49 AM
  4. kuanyu's Avatar
    I'll release the theme sometime today, after this bug in the theme is fixed
    2011-08-03 07:52 AM
  5. Taayzer's Avatar
    Sweet. Looking forward to it
    2011-08-03 07:53 AM
  6. kuanyu's Avatar
    Thanks =)
    Fixed Bug!!
    After checking, it shall release!
    Last edited by kuanyu; 2011-08-03 at 08:32 AM.
    2011-08-03 07:55 AM
  7. kuanyu's Avatar
    Theme available for purchase here for only $2.99!
    2011-08-03 09:34 AM
  8. gdd2010's Avatar
    2011-08-03 11:21 AM
  9. i-Master's Avatar
    2011-08-03 11:25 AM
  10. kuanyu's Avatar
    Thanks guys!
    All sent
    2011-08-03 11:27 AM
  11. i-Master's Avatar
    Thanks, my favorite Dreamboard theme to date...

    Just checked my email, i dont seem to have it yet?
    Last edited by i-Master; 2011-08-03 at 12:19 PM.
    2011-08-03 12:17 PM
  12. kuanyu's Avatar
    Hmmm....let me send it again, is it in you spam folder?
    2011-08-03 12:24 PM
  13. i-Master's Avatar
    no ive checked that too, if it doesn't work second time round i can inbox you a different email address?

    Got it! Thanks a lot!
    2011-08-03 12:25 PM
  14. kuanyu's Avatar
    Haha, No problem
    2011-08-03 12:26 PM
  15. gdd2010's Avatar
    Gahhh! I think I broke it. I went and changed the string for mobileSMS to bitesms and that gawd awful pink icon was there... So I changed it back to com.apple.mobileSMS and now no nice keyboard like icon you had... Wtf did I do????
    2011-08-03 12:44 PM
  16. kuanyu's Avatar
    No, you did not broke it, lol
    You need to create the bite SMS icon with the icon psd in Extras/PSD folder. Then place the created icons in the icons folder. I can make the icon for you if you want me to
    The nice keyboard I'm using is from colorkeyboard app in Cydia
    2011-08-03 12:48 PM
  17. 2k1's Avatar
    Link don't work for me to donate
    2011-08-03 12:50 PM
  18. gdd2010's Avatar
    Ok. Could you make one.. Would be sweet! Hate the native SMS app.
    2011-08-03 12:51 PM
  19. kuanyu's Avatar
    Link don't work for me to donate
    Hmmm.....it works fine for me? Maybe try reloading the page?
    @ gdd
    haha, making it for ya!
    I'll tell you where to place the icon later
    2011-08-03 12:55 PM
  20. 2k1's Avatar
    Keeps sayin server could not be found
    2011-08-03 01:05 PM
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