1. Shadowen's Avatar
    I'm having a hard time installing the update. I downloaded it to iFIle, do I unzip or unachive? I did both. How do I do this? Please help.
    2011-09-19 03:20 PM
  2. kuanyu's Avatar
    Must i delete the current.plist ?

    I'm having a hard time installing the update. I downloaded it to iFIle, do I unzip or unachive? I did both. How do I do this? Please help.
    Unzipper will do the job
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    2011-09-19 04:10 PM
  3. $nake1860's Avatar
    Do you know what I need to delete from the Current.plist, otherwise I must set all the new icons?
    2011-09-19 06:03 PM
  4. kuanyu's Avatar
    Find these lines in the Balloon lock screen plist.
    codes...blah blah blah

    copy it
    then find the same code in your current.plist, replace them with the lines you copied
    2011-09-19 06:08 PM
  5. ckuen's Avatar
    @kuanyu. Got it fixed. not sure if it's the cache folder. I deleted the blackapple folders in both the cache and dreamboard folders, then put a fresh copy of blackapple back in the dreamboard folder, with no current.plist and no icons in the icon folder. Now all icons in the allapp folder look fine. Love the way the codes are setup, all you need to do is just add icons, no need to mess with the plist. But you can only have the icons in either the sidebar or folder, otherwise the icons will look squashed. Thanks kuanyu. BTW, is there a way to get app name in the allapp folder? I got app name in the other folders.
    2011-09-19 09:39 PM
  6. LT062's Avatar
    Hey I know one exists already but can someone make a Sonos small black icon with the new design, the one with SONOS written across a gold circular thing( sorry for the horrible description). Thank you.
    2011-09-20 12:17 AM
  7. kuanyu's Avatar
    The squashed icons is a problem I've been thinking for hours..lol But no luck with it. All I can do is to make them look "better".
    Not sure with app names in all apps label. Let me look into it =\
    Sonos Icon

    Ipod Icon

    More icons at icon gallery

    Theme outlet store is closed for maintenance.
    Paypal Donation link up:
    Black&White Apple HD:

    White Apple HD:

    Black Apple HD:
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    2011-09-20 11:57 AM
  8. gankoba's Avatar
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    2011-09-21 05:40 AM
  9. kuanyu's Avatar
    2011-09-21 05:39 PM
  10. vectranos's Avatar

    The paypal links above doesn't work

    2011-09-21 07:09 PM
  11. kuanyu's Avatar
    Sorry, not on my Mac, so can't check the link. But you can use paypal to send direct a direct payment.
    2011-09-21 07:16 PM
  12. vectranos's Avatar

    Sorry but i don't know to do

    What's your paypal id or email?

    2011-09-21 08:57 PM
  13. kuanyu's Avatar
    [email protected]

    Not sure why, but the donation link is not working on my iPhone, but it is working on my mac. Weird...Lol
    2011-09-22 03:24 PM
  14. 2k1's Avatar
    Link not working on mine either weird
    2011-09-22 03:27 PM
  15. kuanyu's Avatar
    It will say safari can't open page on my phone. But it works perfect on my mac

    BTW, I need to submit BlackAppleHD to a store with automation feature. Cause theme outlet is closed. My time is now very limited, so it might take a while for the theme link to be sent out to people that purchased it. Maybe...themeit? Or any other suggestions (not cydia)?
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    2011-09-22 03:30 PM
  16. vectranos's Avatar

    ThemeIt is the best!

    2011-09-22 03:44 PM
  17. kuanyu's Avatar
    Lol, but not sure If I am "THAT" good to submit my theme to theme it
    I'll think about it
    2011-09-22 03:50 PM
  18. vectranos's Avatar

    I know that they are a little conceit but tehnical...they are best of ).
    Is there any probability to add new widget for weather ...more visible?

    2011-09-22 03:56 PM
  19. kuanyu's Avatar
    Have new things to add into the theme. Safari, Mail, and Messages Icon on Lockscreen will now open the app when you tap it.
    Fixing a few small bugs. Adding more extras. And Probably a weather widget with Current weather condition, temperature, etc.
    2.1 will be the final release

    Oh and WhiteAppleHD is in the progress of updating.
    2011-09-22 04:04 PM
  20. 2k1's Avatar
    Can't wait bro
    2011-09-22 04:35 PM
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