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    My MW2 Lockscreen with carrier, animated slider and sounds + alternative-img_0246.pngMy MW2 Lockscreen with carrier, animated slider and sounds + alternative-img_0245.pngMy MW2 Lockscreen with carrier, animated slider and sounds + alternative-img_0247.png

    Heya all. This is my second post as I made a foobar with the last upload. Here is the full working version. The theme contains 4 themes and I'll put screenshots of them all on. The first two have different clock backgrounds, and the second 2 are copies with an alternative lock slider + fitting unlock/lock sounds for those who don't want an animation running to conserve battery. The animation is set in place of the slider to give it the look that your running the slider accross the animation. This is my first iphone theme and it took me all of a week to do, as I was a total modding noob when I started. I will be making this a full theme when I can get around to putting the icons on and such. You need to hide the clock really to use this lockscreen, else you will have two clocks.

    It was made for use on iPhone4 running 4.3.3 so may have compatibility issues with older versions. The carrier is designed for ATT US, T-Mobile, Orange UK and T-Mobile UK. To get this working on orange uk use FakeCarrier to rename your carrier to Orange UK or T-Mobile UK when on Orange T-Mobile.

    I take no credit for the making of the images and sounds used, they were all gathered through public sources. However I personally edited them for use of this lockscreen, except for the barret firing sound and reloading for the alt lockslider.

    The first screenshot is the theme with clock 1 in the name, the 2nd with clock 2 in the name and the 3rd screenshot is the alternative slider which has alt in the name.

    Any input would be appreciated Enjoy Mikehboi's Lockscreens.rar
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