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    Ok so I bought a brand new original iPad 64Gb from Verizon because they were clearing them out. So I received it yesterday and it has 3.2.2 on it. So I see that jailbreakme is working again but only for iPads on 4.3 to 4.3.3. So I downloaded the stock 4.3 firmware from somewhere. I have tried updating and restoring to it in itunes but I keep getting error 3194. I assume that is because apple stopped signing that firmware.

    So I was hoping someone could help me get this iPad 3.2.2 updated to the stock 4.3 firmware so that I could then use jailbreakme.com

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!
    2011-08-03 05:35 AM
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    Actually I guess I should have searched first because I found another person having the same issue and this is what they were told.

    "You can't. 4.3.3 is no longer being signed, and being that the iPad is on 3.2.3 it cannot grab any SHSHs except for 3.2.2 with iFaith. It can also only get SHSHs for a currently signed fw which is 4.3.4.

    Just for kicks get TinyUmbrella and click Save SHSHs. That way you'll at least save 4.3.4 for future use. Who knows you might find other SHSHs saved (not likely but no impossible according to some people). "

    So looks like I am screwed till someone jailbreaks 4.3.5....an untethered solution that is.
    2011-08-03 07:33 AM
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    maybe this will help

    Its Tethered but at least you'd have something

    iOS 4.3.5 Jailbreak Possible with Redsn0w
    2011-08-03 08:49 AM
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    Yeah I read about this jailbreak last night. Not sure I will even bother because tethering would suck. However if I did choose to go with this jailbreak for now is there anything I should do before starting the process? Like do I need to get my shsh blobs for the 3.2.3 firmware that I am currently on? And if so how do I go about doing that?

    Also since its tethered? This means I would have to hook up the iPad to my computer each time I rebooted the iPad. But if the iPad just goes into standby and I wake it up later then I wouldn't have to hook it up to the computer and the jailbreak would still be there?

    Or what if I just jailbreak my current 3.2.3 firmware? Is 3.2.3 too old to even bother with at this point? Would there be alot of apps that will not run?
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    2011-08-03 03:21 PM