1. aprilmartwick's Avatar
    ok here is the glitch i have an iphone with verizon running on 4.2.6 jb with greenpoison .... when i go into the internet and gooogle say for instance walmart and i click on places it looks like its loading and then closes out ... occasionally it will close anything tht has to use the internet but not all the time .... its mainly google when i click on places ... i do t now how to fix without restoring then i risk losing my jb ... i could deal with it and wait for a jb to come out but all i know is how to jb with green poison please help someone .....
    2011-08-04 06:30 PM
  2. PainTrain65's Avatar
    Restore and jb with jailbreakme.com make sure you're on 4.2.6.
    2011-08-05 07:04 PM
  3. aprilmartwick's Avatar
    i knw thats what i need to do but i dont want to restore ill have to upgeade to tht new software 4.2.10 and then i cant jb ... i dont know how to restore and stay at the same software
    2011-08-05 09:24 PM