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    I used theme that depends on springjumps app, i was able renaming the label from the app, because some reason i decided to change the theme, for my new theme i also want to use springjumps but i don't know why i can't rename the label anymore.

    - i've tried uninstall and reinstall without success
    - i've tried using icon renamer without success
    - i've tried modifying info.plist inside the shortcut app folder without success

    But finally i get this working by modifying the .plist file inside the Preferences folder

    For those who have the same problem you can try this method i used :

    use iFile and Go to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/..here.. find and view the property list of jp.ashikase.springjumps.plist, click on shortcuts, u can see there are 9 Dictionaries related to the jump icons, click on it and there are 2 lines, the first one is boolean and the second one is the string, now click on the second line and rename it to whatever you want, when you're done close iFile and respring, now you have the jump icons with new names.
    2011-08-10 01:19 AM