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    [Released] PicturePurrfect HD-400.pngInspiration comes from every direction and this is a "PicturePurrfect" example of that...well, more like 4 examples!

    One icon set that started with the idea of using the ABC Logo giving a 'Fisheye' look to the icons
    One icon set stemmed from an old PSP theme from french artists called 'Photography' that has never left my thoughts This is the default icon set for the theme.
    The 3rd, and my favorite because it was an icon set that finally matched the UI that I have designed, 'Stacked'. 4 layers of color, two grey one pink, and the top; the perfect picture for each icon.
    The last is a some what experimental set using low res free Glyphish's icons and some that I have redrawn to cut out from the dark and show off the pink layer of the above design. Something that may be pursued further in the future and is somewhat incomplete at the moment because I wasn't really impressed with it...not until I can create my own :P

    When using the other 3 icon sets, always keep PP WBHD.theme activated at the bottom of the list!
    There are 4 icon sets in the theme.
    The way winterboard works is by hierarchy. Whatever is at the top over rules what is below it. So the way you want to have your themes is like this
    -PP FrameUp - a seperate download that has a 3 part picture frame that randomly changes the center photo fro your camera roll
    -PP Weather - the theme with the weather in the middle of 2 photos
    -PP Stacked - this is the icon set that has the photo icons in the grey box with pink layer at the bottom
    -PP Glyphish - this is the icon set that has the pink cutouts
    -PP Fisheye - this is the circular icon set
    -PP Statusbar - this has the 3g/wifi/battery images up in the statusbar
    -PP WBHD - this is the main theme that has all the buttons and bars and stuff

    You can drag your themes up and down using the pull tabs all the way to the right of each one to be in this order.
    Now turn on the themes you want to use and have winterboard respring.

    Each color mod will have a letter after PP. So PPB is the Blue set, PPC is the Cyan set.

    Being a part of the theme community has introduced me to some really great and talented people!

    KrsChris put one of the greatest widgets ever with his Revi themes, and has been kind enough to let me modify it to use right here. I have taken that widget further and truely hope you enjoy it.

    Setup of the widget is the same as his,

    To change your weather, download iFile or MyFile and browse to /Library/Themes/PP Weather\Setup\Config.CSS click it and choose open with text reader
    In this file is where you set your location id, go to http://weather.yahoo.com/ and enter your location. now look in the address bar, and all the way at the end you will see some numbers, put those numbers in the Config.css where it says var locale =

    Once you are done, save the file and open winter board, turn something off and on then winterboard will respring. Below that is the option for F or C

    Ok now here's the fun part...you like to customize right? Well now ANYONE can twist and tweak this widget extremely easy!!

    Let's first continue with the config. Now you can add and remove elements of the widget by changing the true/false in the config.css file!

    var WidgetShelves = true;
    This gives you the chance to add shelves to your background...or remove them.
    Make your own shelves and add to \Resources\Images\shelves.png

    var WeatherCircle = false;
    This will show an image behind the weather, the example given is using the FishEye icon
    Create your own by using the image at \Resources\Images\shadow.png and mask it with mask.png while you are there, why not add a background by editing weatherfill.png *this uses the same mask.png to fit the circle*

    var WeatherBox = true;
    To break the widget away from your icons turn this on and make your own at \Resources\Images\WeatherBox.png

    Now there are 2 images showing in the widget compared to the original Revi theme. This is showing the [b]homescreen and lockscreen image[b]! So you can now have 2 custom photos added to your homescreen image on the left and lockscreen on the right.
    Set those images using the photo roll image and set home and lockscreen, then respring for changes.

    I have also added a rotating information that fades between 'Last updated time'\'Location name' at the top and 'Min/Max temperature'\'Sunrise/Sunset times'

    So those were the front layers...what about that back layer? You say you have alot of wallpapers on your phone and using iFile or ssh is a pain in the butt..Well I found the tweak for you! Thanks to an old tweak by DarkWeaver now you can have a decrypted copy of the wallpaper you set as homescreen and this widget will use that as the background!
    Details and download for JPEGifier
    After that is enabled here's what is next:

    Set your background wallpaper by going to settings - wallpaper and set home screen and you can set the lockscreen and it will use that. This will add a converted jpg that the widget will use rather than the default one Keep in mind, when you set the homescreen from settings it WILL change the left image as well, so after you use the settings menu, go to photo album and set a homescreen image and a lockscreen image, the photo album DOES NOT create the converted image. After that respring to see your changes.

    Well that's it for now...I hope you like this!

    Color mods are available per request! So far Blue, Red Green, Light Blue and Cyan have been released

    Here is a review/setup tutorial video I put together
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    2011-08-11 09:12 PM
  2. SirTimothy1's Avatar
    Looks great! The icons are refreshingly new and I love the minor details like having volume percent in the iPod app. It's clear a lot went into making this
    2011-08-11 10:53 PM
  3. RippedThemer's Avatar
    wow dude it looks great. Definitely looks good altogether. Wondering if you had anything in store for the status bar ui or were ya' gonna' stick with the stock look? The stock actually looks pretty good with this theme :-)
    2011-08-11 11:33 PM
  4. SchmilK's Avatar
    Yeah I still have cone up with the right status bar images but they will be added
    2011-08-11 11:55 PM
  5. SchmilK's Avatar
    Now live in cydia!!! Follow me on twitter for some gameshow give aways!
    2011-08-13 11:32 PM
  6. R.Mortera's Avatar
    Holy crap! This is such an awesome theme!
    2011-08-13 11:40 PM
  7. DefJammable's Avatar
    Is their a color keyboard?
    2011-08-14 12:45 AM
  8. SchmilK's Avatar
    Still working on color keyboard, sbsettings and status bar...just haven't made anything I like yet
    2011-08-14 12:47 AM
  9. kooris's Avatar
    Still working on color keyboard, sbsettings and status bar...just haven't made anything I like yet
    So, are you still gonna make psp themes? Maybe for the NGP?
    2011-08-14 01:09 AM
  10. SchmilK's Avatar
    My PSP 1000 is now my daughters and I haven't touched PSP 2000 or 3000 since I got iPhone 3GS... Those are o 5.50 and 5.03 still :-/
    2011-08-14 01:17 AM
  11. kooris's Avatar
    My PSP 1000 is now my daughters and I haven't touched PSP 2000 or 3000 since I got iPhone 3GS... Those are o 5.50 and 5.03 still :-/
    You made such awesome ones though...I always wonder how you do it. Too bad animations like you did cannot be bought here.
    2011-08-14 01:58 AM
  12. SchmilK's Avatar
    Yeah, now that I am understanding html5 and css styles, there may be somethings brought over from PSP...

    I just bought the HD Glyphish icon set..

    1.2 submitted
    -Revamped Glyphish icon set using Pro version of Glyphish icons $$$ and add a bunch of cydia app icons to it
    -Added FaceTime, Music Player and iTunes icons
    -Optimized PNG for less ram usage and a little less lag :P
    -Temporary status bar theme...It's there if you want to use it...I am still working on a new set.

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    2011-08-14 04:42 PM
  13. DefJammable's Avatar
    Is their a progress loader for this theme?
    2011-08-15 01:11 AM
  14. littlelisa63's Avatar
    Brought this theme yesterday,love all the pink
    Looking forward to the colour keyboard
    Will the calculator be themed?thanks
    2011-08-15 10:01 AM
  15. kimvy's Avatar
    Love the theme and the choices of icons. Which file is the one that is the background on the SMS wall? I'd like to change it as the color makes it difficult for me to read text messages. Thanks!
    2011-08-17 07:46 AM
  16. jima6636's Avatar
    awesome Job bro will hit ya up tomorrow and add you # for cydia and send ya my number

    2011-08-17 10:36 AM
  17. SchmilK's Avatar
    Brought this theme yesterday,love all the pink
    Looking forward to the colour keyboard
    Will the calculator be themed?thanks
    Color keyboard coming today..just need to do the landscape mode now
    2011-08-17 02:53 PM
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    Color key board live and FREE for everyone!
    Attached Thumbnails [Released] PicturePurrfect HD-imageuploadedbymodmyi1313701739.842331.jpg  
    2011-08-18 11:08 PM
  19. littlelisa63's Avatar
    Thanks for the colour keyboard very nice
    2011-08-19 12:26 AM
  20. jima6636's Avatar
    I haven't added this theme yet but I'm stoked to see it on my device

    2011-08-19 01:34 AM
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