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    Hi to all guiz…
    I'm registered from one years and this is my first thread.
    This 'cause Robert Grohaman have tell me to place here my question about theo Lockscreen Animated of last Theme made from him whit Knitsua INtz 3evolution.
    My problem is modify the date and month in Lockscreen.
    When was I buy Elite Pro HD in the folder of the Lockscreen I was modified the file .plist whit the Italian name of months and days.
    And in Italy is not like USA , before the month We place the date.
    I've try to modify this file in this last beautiful Theme , but nothing change or desappear. Ex :
    In Italy is : SA 29 8 ( day date month )
    But whit this plist file I can't modify in Italian the name of days and place in the right style the date and month.
    Please , someone can help me ?
    How I can modify the plist file ?


    2011-08-20 10:38 AM