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    Not sure if anyone has had a chance to play around with this tweak... if not you should give vWallpaper2 for ios4/arm7 beta a try.
    Can be found by adding this repo:
    it's only in beta stage now but does look promising...
    Official vwallpaper2 thread here

    Basically it's live wallpapers 2.0. It has particle effects, magic fingers, icon effects, interactive widgets, "skyrockets", 3D rotating texts, and also allows you to show video on lockscreen. It also will not conflict with the barrel tweak as perpagehtml+ did. You also don't need to respring your device everytime you add/remove a widget.

    By default it looks for Widget.html, widget has to be captialized but you can also direct it to look specifically for the correct html file as well. For the ps3 & 360 widgets just replace my name with yours.

    Also add this repo for more vWallies just be sure they say iPad in title:
    PizentuDeWind's Repository - MyRepoSpace.com

    Here is a lil example of vwallpaper2 using the webview/widget aspect of vwall2

    And you can also use vwall2 to change the wallpaper on each page
    The widgets can be found in this thread
    And if anyone runs across any more widgets please share here. Or know anything of HTML coding could write a few.
    After unzipping, Place the widget folder in:

    Also used widgetboard v1.0 ~ thanx Keon

    But if you don't like to look thru pages and pages...I attached the important ones from the pageperhtml thread...
    Also FYI ~ the effects aspect(video, magic fingers, skyrockets, icon effects) will not be visible if you are also using the parallax tweak. Only the webview/widgets will work with parallax. You will have to go into sbsettings>mobile substrate add ons and turn off parallax if you want the effects to show up.
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    1. Simplescreen - simple date/time widget
    2. Twitter feed - don't have a twitter account so I can't test....

    Twitter widget setup:
    1. Sign into twitter
    2. Create a list of everyone you want to show up on the twitter feed.
    3. Open the Widget.html file with the text editor of your choice.
    4. Replace TWITTER_USER_NAME with your twitter user name
    5. Replace TWITTER_LIST_NAME with your twitter list name.
    6. Replace TWITTER_FEED_TITLE and TWITTER_SUBJECT_TITLE to the names of your liking.


    by changing the color key (obtainable through google, gimp, or photoshop) you can customize the color combinations.

    Added a couple more that I found in above referenced thread...
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    2011-08-31 01:01 AM
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    Update today


    - You can put widgets behind icons (look in settings, switch on/off “Stay behind icons”)
    - You can switch on/off wallpaper.
    - Add panorama effect.
    - Add Ripple effect (Note: Pictures need to be oversized, otherwise wave effect make black border. Look @ sample pictures provided with vWallpaper2).

    Nice now I can unistall parallax...trying to consolidate....
    2011-09-12 07:39 PM
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    add this repo for more vwalliies:
    PizentuDeWind's Repository - MyRepoSpace.com

    But when trying to download any of the vwalls from the link you will get the "Dependencies" error. That because it needs the original vwallpaper app to be installed as well...here's what I did.

    1. Install other vwallpaper made by same developer from same repo.
    2. Now download and install the desired vwallpapers.
    3. Using ifile, navigate to var/mobile/media/vwallpaper/videos and copy all videos from this folder and paste into videos folder of vwallpaper2.
    4. Now unistall vwallpaper which will also delete the vwallpapers You originally downloaded but the videos you copied to vwallpaper2 will still be valid.

    Hope that didn't sound too confusing.... Since vwall2 wasnt out yet when these videos were formatted it was solely dependent on the original vwallpaper app.

    Also vwall2 stretches the iPhone vwallies to fit iPad screen. Still they look slightly pixelated on some of them.
    You can easily create your own as well....

    Needed a smoke break and I created this vwallie....

    It's very easy to create a vwallie directly on your ipad or iphone depending on the gfx you like. I used the app fluid fx from app store to add the smoke effects, has numerous other effects as well. then the app let's you record your finger taps on screen and saves it as mov to your camera roll then simply used ifile to move it to the video folder in vwallpaper2. No pc required.
    2011-09-13 05:33 PM
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    Hi, I'm using vwallpaper2 also. Care to share some clock/weather widgets and magic fingers for iphone and ipad use? Thanks
    2012-01-31 08:27 AM