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  1. D0ntW0rry's Avatar
    Hey guys I've been having a problem with my home button where I would be in a app and I would simply press on the home button and the multitasking bar would pop up or nothing would happen and I would have to jab on the home button to leave the app. I'm kind of nervous to go to the Apple Store and have the geniuses take a look and find out that my iPhone is jailbroken. I always know that a DFU restore would hide that I ever did a jailbreak. Should I do a DFU restore now before my home button gets worse or should I just deal with home button?
    2011-08-26 08:37 AM
  2. alxn91's Avatar
    I had that problem before as well, I just replace the home button myself and it has been working without any problems. You can try replacing it yourself if you have patience but if it's still under apple care I would back up all my info. and Do a restore, they won't be able to tell it was jailbroken.
    2011-08-27 01:58 AM
  3. D0ntW0rry's Avatar
    I'm not going to replace the home button by myself. I heard that Apple runes diagnostics on devices to check if they are jailbroken. So should I do a DFU restore or just a normal restore?
    2011-08-29 06:52 PM