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  1. arum4me's Avatar
    I have an iphone 4. I jail-broke my iphone 4. After realizing i could not access my work email (through the Good for Enterprise App) I proceeded to unjail-brake my iphone. I did this by uninstalling Cylia and doing a restore from iTunes. Everything works great except. Visual Voice-mail. Now I can't see when I get a voice-mail and I have to call in every time I want to check it. Yes, I do realize there are apps out there that you can download to use "like" this but I am not aware if there is a full restore that included visual voice-mail. If someone knows a work around that would be great.
    2011-08-26 08:19 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    Did you happen to restore from backup after you did a factory restore in iTunes? I can almost guarantee if you restore again, and set up as new, your problem will be resolved.

    If you answered no to my question then that's a different story
    2011-08-27 11:49 PM
  3. jasonleebob's Avatar
    I had that happen and I just called at&t and they did something then I rebooted if I remember correctly.
    2011-08-28 08:34 AM