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    Hey all:

    So yesterday I did a redsn0w jailbreak on my 3GS and started playing around with themes and looking at information on navigating the file system in my phone.

    I was able to install the Glasklart theme (see attachment for screenshot) and I've even gotten some icons installed for some apps which didn't automatically skin. I used iFile to set up bundle folders and such.

    Couple of issues I've run into:

    1) I decided that I didn't really like the default Settings icon used in Glasklart (the gear with the light switch next to it). The bundle folder for in the theme included 3-4 alternate icons, so I figured it would be a snap to edit file names and get the icon I wanted. No such luck. Even though I renamed the icon I wanted with the correct file name (triple-checked it in the original bundle folder, too) AND removed the .png extension from all other icons in the theme folder, I still have the default icon. I tried deselecting and reselecting the Glasklart icons theme in Winterboard prior to respringing, and I even did a reboot with redsn0w. I'm thinking there's a .png file I need to change somewhere else, but I can't imagine where it would be.

    2) I've run into a similar issue with the iBooks icon. I found one that looked good and set up a bundle folder in the Glasklart theme, then put the icon file in it. I triple-checked both the bundle folder ID and the icon file name, and I still get the original iBooks icon.

    I read somewhere that the icons should be 57x57. The ones I'm trying to use are 57x62. Would 5 pixels on one axis make them unusable? If so, I'm assuming it would take Photoshop or something like that to resize them properly. I don't have PS, so if I were to post the icons here (assuming the size is the problem), could someone resize them for me?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    2011-08-28 05:17 AM
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    Delete the folder

    located at /var/mobile/Library/Caches

    should do the trick

    also look into gimp its program similar to ps but it free
    2011-08-28 06:18 AM
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    No dice after deleting the cache folder. I did a respring; would it take a full reboot?

    Thanks for the help.

    Edit 1: Hmm...based on something I saw in another forum, I tried turning Summerboard off in the Winterboard settings. After a respring, I had the Settings icon I wanted, but a lot of my other skinned icons were no longer skinned properly. After I turned Summerboard back on, the Settings icon went back to the default one.

    Edit 2: Now I'm finding that I'm having the same issue with replacing the folder background. I was able to replace the folder icon by putting in a custom .png in the folder. Doing the same with the FolderSwitcherBG file doesn't work, though. I've tried replacing it in the the system folder, in the folder within the Glasklart GUI theme, and in both. Nothing seems to replace the default folder background.
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    2011-08-28 12:28 PM