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    Version 1.4 avaiable at all Stores
    *** Featured Theme at Cydia Store ***

    Full animated, transparent and slidable weather window on homescreen (see Video)

    NOTE: The pause and raised speed comes from the recording with Display Recorder.

    Full animated, transparent and slidable weather window with clouds, rain, snow and moving sun and moon on homescreen
    Very clean and detailed, ultra-fast and highly customizable
    Nearly all buttons, icons and glyphs free placeable like you want it
    6 pages, each with different backgrounds and page titels
    Switchable, highlighted tabs at bottom
    Icon mask, Lockscreen with Widgets, New UI, themed Apps,
    SBSettings and Lockinfo themes included
    New Keyboard and Theme font included
    Additional Calendar and RSS widgets build-in
    New Respring Wallpaper
    Optinal Analog clocks and a Google Calendar Widget
    Templates for everything
    Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch for the Date plus a 24h clock.
    Supports English and German Weather conditions on Locksceen
    Supports English, German, French and Dutch Weather conditions on Homescreen
    (plus German Texticons included)
    Detailed Installation Guide with pictures

    1. Gridlock (paid) to freely place the icons on screen
    2. Infinidock (paid) or similar to place six springjumps at the dock
    3. Springjumps (free) for switchable tabs
    4. Iconoclasm (paid) for the icon layout.
    5. PerPageHTML (free) for having different backgrounds and widgets on each page


    1. Purchase and install this theme and needed apps.
    2. Setup InfiniDock to 6 dock icons.
    3. Setup Iconoclasm only to this layout: "FiveIRows Improved (by Keyaku)"
    4. Start the Spingjumps app and enable Page 0 to Page 5.
    5. Enable this theme at Winterboard and sort your icons for the homescreen like shown. Place the Springjump icons at the dock like shown. For all other pages sort your icons and folders to the left and right windows.
    6. Start the PerpageHTML app and allocate all six equinoX-pages plus the equinox Spotlight-page to your pages.
    Tutorial Video:

    Weather, language and clock setups: NOTE: This theme uses one Clock/Date widget and two different Weather widgets (animated on homescreen and static on Lockscreen)

    NOTE: For rewriting the Weather.html use iFile on your iPhone or a simple text editor like "Editor" (on any PC) NOT a HTML editor.

    1. Find your Location Code here: Weather Location Codes/IDs
    For US users: open this webside: Yahoo! Weather - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News , search for your town, then open "Extended Forecast" and now take a look at the adressbar of your browser where you see something like "...USCA1234..." . This is the e. g. the code we need.

    2.1 Lockscreen Weather:
    Write in this code with iFile on your device or with a text editor on your PC/MAC to this path: Library/themes/equiX.theme/Widgets/Weather/Weather.HTML. You can also change Fahrenheit to Celsius there.

    2.2 Homescreen (animated Weather):
    Wrtite your location code to var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/equiX-Page1/locationHere.js and change "f" to "c" if you want Celsius:
    "...var locale = "GMXX0122"; // Enter your zipcode/location code here. var tempUnit = "f"; // f to display fahrenheit, c to display celcius....."

    3. Setup another language, a 24h clock or remove am/pm:
    Open var/mobile/Libary/themes/equiX.theme/Widgets/Configs/Digital Clock-Configs.js and set everything to true or false like you need it:
    "...var DisplayTwentyFourHourClock = false; var DisplayAMPM = true; /*---------------------------------- Display Language Options ----------------------------------*/ var English = true; var French = false; var German = false; var Italian = false; var Spanish = false; var Dutch = false..."

    4. German Weather conditions (Deutsches Wetter)
    Lockscreen: Ersetze die Datei Weather.html durch die unten angefügte(auch im Order "!Extras!" des Themes vorhanden) und ändere noch deine Location. Für den Homescreen (animiertes Wetter) mache die Einstellungen wie unter Punkt 5 beschrieben:

    5. The animated Weather conditions on Homescreen supports 4 languages: Set your language to true and others to false at var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/equiX-Page1/locationHere.js:
    "...LANGUAGE SELECTION: For English, set both German, Dutch and French to false. ***********var langGerman = true; // German language (true or false) var langFrench = false; // French language (true or false) var langDutch = false;..."

    FAQ and HELP:

    * I have only two colored buttons for Mail and Phone but want more ?
    Copy the additional buttons you want (allways both icons with and without "@2x"!) from
    the attachment or from equiX.theme/!EXTRAS!/equiX More Buttons/.... to equiX.theme/icons/...here....

    * How can i enable this third/additional window on my homescreen ?
    1. If you use the app PerPage+ (Plus!) then simply enable this third window at this app in addition to "equiX-Page1" or
    2. Copy the file "Wallpaper.png" from equiX.theme/!EXTRAS!/equiX 3Windows Overlay/.... to var/mobile/Libary/PerPageHTML/equiX-Page1/...here...
    and respring
    NOTE: This is not needed if you use the RSS, Calendar, Google Calendar or Pro Calendar Widgets !

    * How can i enable the Calendar Widget on Homescreen ?
    Start PerPageHTML+ and in addition to "equiX-Page1" allocate also "equiX-Page1 Calendar"
    to page 1 of your device. The dark window behind is included.Thatīs all.
    NOTE: You must have installed PerPage+ (Plus), a paid app from Cydia, the stock PerPageHTML app canīt display two widgets at once.

    *How can i use the Google Calendar widget ?
    1. Start PerPageHTML+ and in addition to "equiX-Page1" activate also "equiX-Page1 GoogleCal" at Page one of your device.
    2. Now open var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/equiX-Page1 GoogleCal/Calendar/Calendar.html and search for that code line and write in your own gmail or googlemail adress:
    "....onload="loadCalendar('https://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/[email protected]/public/full', 1)...."
    NOTE (Read me completly!):
    1. The Background is build-in, so use it with the default homescreen wallpaper
    2. It only works with a Gmail or Googelmail account and if youīre using the google calendar
    3. It can only work if you made your google calendar PUBLIC (!): Video:
    4. It shows up to two current or upcoming appointments of the next 24 hours. If you think it doesnīt work, make sure you have a appointment within this time
    5. It automatically refreshes every 30 minutes, so if you delete a appointment in your iphone calendar it can last up to 30 minutes that the appointment is still visible at the widget. But: You can change that refresh time at the last line of Calendar.html from 1.800 (=Seconds) to any other value.
    6. This widget shows no birthdays, as google stores birthdays of your google contacts to a extra calendar that canīt made public. If you manually entered birthdays to your calender the widget certainly shows this birthdays.

    *What is this ProCalendar ?
    Itīs a combination of the Calendar and the Google Calendar widget. Enable it in addition to "equiX-Page1" at PerPage+ and set it up to your google calendar (see question above, the path is: var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/equiX-Page1 GoogleCal/Calendar/Calendar2.html). It shows only one appointment because of the limited space.

    Whatīs this fix for the ProCal ?
    Unfortunatly the day-alignment isnīt correct, so download, unzip and copy the file "Calendar.html" to this path and respring, thats all : var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/equiX-Page1 ProCal/Calendar/...here...

    * How can i enable the RSS Widget on Homescreen ?
    Start PerPageHTML+ and in addition to "equiX-Page1" allocate also "equiX-Page1 RSS" to Page 1 of your device.
    NOTE: You must have installed PerPage+ (Plus), a paid app from Cydia, the stock PerPageHTML app
    canīt display two widgets at once.

    * How can i change the RSS feeds ?
    Open var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/equiX-Page1 RSS/Widget.html. Youīll find two lines for
    two rss feeds like this:
    The first word within quotes is the name of the feed that is displayed at the widget and the second is the rss adress that you can change.
    NOTE: Unfortunatly this Reader doesnīt update automaticly, only after a respring, iīll try to fix that with a next update.

    *How can i use the Analog Clock ?
    Enable one of the two anlog clock themes at WinterBoard

    * Why are the icons of my Cydia apps unthemed ?
    A icon mask canīt theme them but many of them are included.
    For all unthemed Cydia apps install the free app "ThemeIconMaker" from Cydia to theme all
    unthemed icons automatically.

    *Why isnīt the weather on lockscreen animated ?
    Itīs possible, but i wanted to avoid any lag or battery draining from the begining.

    * I canīt find my Calendar, Weather and Clock icon ?
    They are transparent, so when you place them over the clock, weather and calendar widgets and press
    these widgets the apps start. If you canīt find them, disable this theme at winterboard, place your icons first like shown and then enable the theme again.

    * Why are some stock apple icons unthemed ?
    You have a not english (or german) device. Open the "icons" folder of equiX.theme and rename only this handfull of icons to your language, for e. g. "Calendar.png" and "[email protected]" to "Calendario.png" and "[email protected]"
    NOTE: You need every icon twice there to be displayed, with and without "@2x" !

    * Why are most or all icons unthemed ?
    Start the WinterBoard app and enable the "Summerboard" mode

    *Whatīs the font used for this theme ?
    Century Gothic (Photoshop)/Heiti K Light (System)

    * How do i install this Heiti K Light-Font ?
    Open equiX.theme/!EXTRAS!/equiX FONT/ and copy the complete folder "Heiti K Light.font"
    to /var/mobile/Library/MyFonts/...here... Then start the app BytaFont, press "Basic" and
    enable "Heiti K Light".

    * How do i enable the Keyboard ?
    You need the paid app ColorKeyboard. Start Settings/ColorKeyboard/Select Themes and
    enable the equiX Keyboard - go back, press "save" and respring.

    * How do i enable the Lockinfo theme ?
    Start Settings/LockInfo/Apperance/Select Default Theme/ and enable "equiX Lockinfo Theme"

    * How do i enable the SBSettings theme ?
    Start SBSettings/More/SBSettings Theme/ and enable "equiX SBSettings"

    * I have the stock iOS clock on my Lockscreen, how can i remove it ?
    Install Lockscreen Clock Hide (free at Cydia) or use a function of the paid app "LockInfo".

    *My Clock icon is unthemed ?
    Rename the icon to your language or uninstall the LiveClock app

    *Can you explain again all things related to the ICONS ?

    1. All icons are stored at the folder "Icons" of this theme. After a respring they work. You can add or replace every Icon at this folder.
    2. All icons must be stored twice there (a Winterboard bug). One icon must be named with "@2x", e. g. "iPod.png" and "[email protected]". The icons from here or from the Extras folder of your theme are tested, named correctly and work.
    3. The @2x defines a HD icon (=double size) and is only used on your Retina-device. The other icon without that "@2x" can be any graphics, size doesnt matter, it can even be blank, as long as itīs named right and stored at the same icons folder. So itīs possible to simply make a copy of a HD icon and delete the "@2x"
    4. iOS is based on OSX (Mac). Other than Windows iOS and OSX differs between upper and lower case file names. If you name only one icon wrong, e.g ipod.png and [email protected] it DOESNīT work
    Icons for AppStore apps are themed with the build-in icon mask. This mask allways works if there is no icon for this app stored at the "icons" folder of a theme.
    Icon masks never work on Cydia apps. This theme includes some Bundle Folders for some Cydia app icons (another method to theme icons). For all other unthemed Cydia app icons use the freeware TIM
    5. The glyphs for the springjumps are stored different, at springjumps bundle folders: var/mobile/Library/Themes/equiX.theme/Bundles/jp.ashikase.springjumps.0..../..here...

    Without my permission it is NOT allowed to use any code, graphics, PSDs, add-ons or the layout of this theme for "own" themes, paid or free (except for private use or your private mods) or release equiX anywhere else Please understand that making such a theme needs weeks and months, so piracy or rip-offs will be prosecuted.
    You are wellcome to post here all kind of icons, wallpapers or own work for this theme.

    Credits: My buddy IanNicoll for coding the original animated weather, that i ported and reworked for this theme

    Dutchme for porting the Font
    Kraxik for battery percentage
    Goneglocking and Ian for the Calendar widget
    All others that made icons or mods for this theme
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    Once again, Blue, you never cease to amaze! Cant wait for this one.
    2011-08-29 10:51 PM
  3. jokerg7's Avatar
    2011-08-29 11:29 PM
  4. priezti's Avatar
    Looking good. Glad to see you're back to doing what you're good at
    2011-08-30 12:09 AM
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    My jaw just fell to the floor...that's 7 floors down by the way
    2011-08-30 12:16 AM
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    I've figured it out! Blue is actually a transformer robot!
    2011-08-30 12:26 AM
  7. Blue's Avatar
    2011-08-30 12:26 AM
  8. robinkkk's Avatar
    hi blue, cooles theme werds mir auf jeden fall anschauen und den thread weiter verfolgen!
    wollte nur anmerken es gibt das theme 'eQuinox' von rickym22 schon in cydia & theme it nicht das es zur verwirrung führt
    keine sorge ist keine kritik, nur das der schock nicht beim release kommt :P

    you can follow me on Twitter for more mods and help =) : @robinkmz
    2011-08-30 12:27 AM
  9. Blue's Avatar
    oh thanks a lot, youīre right: "eQuinoxHD" and SD, my fault, i could release it as "equinoX" but i need another name, grrr....spent a lot of hours with name and logos

    ideas are wellcome now
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    2011-08-30 12:35 AM
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    check your pm's blue

    you can follow me on Twitter for more mods and help =) : @robinkmz
    2011-08-30 12:43 AM
  11. deathbybunnies6's Avatar
    Damn you work fast
    My Themes

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    2011-08-30 01:40 AM
  12. VEYRONxbugatti's Avatar
    Looks SICKK dude!
    2011-08-30 02:18 AM
  13. ReBourne's Avatar
    i'm liking that animated slide window, looks very sleek
    2011-08-30 04:26 AM
  14. kooris's Avatar
    What font is the logo?
    2011-08-30 06:33 AM
  15. Hosko817's Avatar
    looks pretty nice so far. looking fwd to checking it out.
    2011-08-30 08:20 AM
  16. Blue's Avatar
    What font is the logo?
    This theme uses the Apple System font STHeitiK-Light for widgets and labels.
    This font is not purchasable and avaiable at all for Photoshop. So i found the 99 % matching font for the Logo and text icons with a classical font called Century Gothic. For the logo i reworked the letters.

    What about this: equX. As english isnīt my native language i need to know if this sounds good or strange ?

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    2011-08-30 10:36 AM
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    This theme uses the Apple System font STHeitiK-Light for widgets and labels.
    This font is not purchasable and avaiable at all for Photoshop. So i found the 99 % matching font for the Logo and text icons with a classical font called Century Gothic. For the logo i reworked the letters.

    What about this: equX. As english isnīt my native language i need to know if this sounds good or strange ?


    I dont think the theme name really matters, but to be honest, it is quite awkward to say - it would be smoother if it had an "i" after the "u" .

    Btw, isnt STHeitiK-Light a font for Chinese characters?
    2011-08-30 11:11 AM
  18. Blue's Avatar
    yes chinese but on ios itīs displayed as a normal font or something like that (?)

    Anyway equiX will be the name of the theme

    2011-08-30 05:28 PM
  19. blbeesley's Avatar
    so is the beta coming in the next 5-10 days? Or can we get in on the beta now?
    2011-08-31 03:52 PM
  20. Blue's Avatar
    A beta comes within 5 days, a final around 5 days later

    Finished new statusbar and reworked the springjumps and dock, now with a pressed button plus all LoadingScreens done

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    2011-08-31 05:39 PM
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