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    Hello ModMyI! I have a quest for those with the heart and mind to accept the challenge!
    Anyway, if you have yet to read about MyWakeUpTunes you should because this thread deals with it. You can find the article here.

    However I am not interested in the fact that you can listen to your music as an alarm. I want to see if there was anyway to scale down the size of the album artwork(see picture below) in the Now Playing screen on the iTouch.
    MyWakeUpTunes Implementation-wakeup.jpg

    I've been trying forever to get this to work with my theme, but so far nobody has been able to offer any advice.
    I have already bought and looked through the folder in my iTouch but since I don't develop for iDevices, what I saw was the equivalent to Egyptian Hieroglyphs! If anybody could please inform me on how to accomplish this It would be amazing. If you need a visual representation:

    I want to turn this
    MyWakeUpTunes Implementation-photo.png

    Into this
    MyWakeUpTunes Implementation-photo2.png

    Thanks in advance! Any advice is useful, even if the advice is that it's not possible!

    Oh, and before I forget. I have an iTouch 2G on iOS 4.2.1.

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