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    Hi, all.
    I've just bought an iPad 2 at apple store yesterday. After full of charged, I press home button, it asked me to connect to the iTune (all I see are the usb cable, the itune icon and the battery on the black background).
    Is that normal? and what version of my iPad? Should I connect and download new filmware from apple? And can I jailbreak it?
    Thank you very much for any help.
    2011-09-10 09:26 PM
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    Every Apple product (almost) requires iTunes activation. Plug it in and it will get your past that screen. At that point you can go into the settings and determine the firmware. If it's brand new it's not likely to be on 4.3.3 which is the only iPad 2 firmware that is jailbreakable. It's not possible to downgrade your firmware either.
    2011-09-10 09:40 PM
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    Thank alot for your quickly reply. I'll plug it in now. Thanks.

    The version of my iPad is 4.3.5
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    2011-09-10 09:44 PM