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    Hello guys, i wanted to know is there a way of watching Live football (UK soccer) on my iPhone 4? Version 4.3.3 jailbroken.


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    I suggest you get Justin.tv and cross your fingers, since it is rather hit-and-miss. Justin.tv is a live streaming app of Ustream broadcasts. It works great for tons of content, apparently the NFL as well. Slingplayer mobile or also direct tv's Sunday ticket will work too.
    Or any of these other apps
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    Any other suggestions for UK Soccer?
    2011-09-12 09:30 PM
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    You could try iTalkFootball in the app store.
    It has live audio commentary of every Premier League match, works really well.
    2011-10-05 04:01 PM
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    If you want to watch football games on your iPhone, there are several live TV site.MobilesportsTv.net

    Watch Live football on ipad and iphone
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    Live Football on your ipads and iphones.
    2012-12-16 08:15 PM
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    If you can setup a subscription, I paid $35 for every single Premier League game with the ADMC app.
    It's an Arabian channel which also has an app, that allows you to stream every game (even Sat 3PM games) in good quality. To watch the footy on your computer, you need to spend more mont on a DNS account, to prevent the server recognising that you're not in the middle east. Thankfully, for the iPhone app, this isn't necessary. $35 for the whole football season, without having to scramble around finding streams is pretty good in my opinion.
    Otherwise, for a free solution, check out usagoals.com. It's pretty good.
    2013-02-14 11:28 AM