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    I bought a 3rd gen 32gb ipod touch on craigslist a week ago. It was on 4.3.5 and was working fine. It was not jailbroken and would turn off and boot just fine. It had all sorts of appllications and music on it. So i did a restore to 4.3.5 thru itunes. Then it restored with no errors and i was the recovery mode. So i restored it again thru itunes to 4.3.5 and again i was in the recovery mode. I have tried all the applications to try to kick it out. TU, irecovery, rec boot, ireb, and nothing has worked. I can use redsn0w_win_0.9.8b5 and it will actually boot out of recovery mode but i dont want a tethered 4.3.5. I just want to go to a stock 4.3.5. Please help!!!
    2011-10-02 05:52 AM