1. apoorv's Avatar
    I'm on 4.3.3.
    I have a Rogers logo which I can easily change from the standard "ROGERS" to the "[email protected]" png file and it works easily.

    However, when I put in my temp Fido sim card in, no matter what I do, I can't get it to show the logo. I've searched and searched, but it just won't work!
    Any suggestions?

    PS: I'm sure the logo sizes are correct, and the PNG format is correct and what not.
    But if you have a set of logo's that works for you, I'd be happy to change it up!

    Most of the forum threads have it for 3.0 and what not. Nothing for 4.3.3.
    2011-10-04 06:38 AM
  2. noelbob's Avatar
    if your just changing the word you could just use "make it mine" its a free app in cydia that changes your carrier to what ever you want or you could try just naming it [email protected] or [email protected] to see if it works but im in the states on att
    2011-10-04 11:23 PM
  3. apoorv's Avatar
    I do want to replace it with an image. I know how to do it too, like I said - I can get the ROGERS logo to work fine, for some reason the Fido logo won't work.
    2011-10-06 12:47 AM