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    Blur Widget

    So here's my idea,
    I have an idea of creating a simplistic widget(Wallpaper.html) that takes the wallpaper from your lockscreen, and sets a blurred version of that same wallpaper for your springboard.

    You may note though that as of recent firmwares, Apple has gone through the trouble of converting the wallpaper from


    from a JPG to a CPBITMAP upon changing, rendering the picture unusuable unless comverted

    That's where JPEGifier comes in
    It's a simple python script that takes your wallpaper and does the job of reconverting it to a JPG

    But here's where I hit a barrier

    My goal is to have the widget auto-update to prevent users from having to manually edit the image through iFile, etc. if they want to change it, and edit the HTML to reposition the image to match it's position on the lockscreen (a tedious task)

    So basically my question is this,
    Since the python script is run through MobileTerminal
    Would it be possible to incorporate some type of code that would re-run the script through Terminal each time the wallpaper is changed (or at least once) to prevent users from running the script through MobileTerminal manually


    File: Wallpaper.html

    <-- CODE TO CALL BASH -->
    <-- CODE TO RUN SCRIPT -->


    The reason why I see this task as possible is because the script (HTML) is does not require internet because it's not a webpage, so I figure that there must be an easier way since you don't physically have a "server" to run the code's seperately

    Is it possible to place a CGI script within an HTML file?
    Would I need an entirely different way of doing this?

    The bash script and the python scripts are already located within your iDevice's filesystem, so I don't see any need to create seperate files to call these functions

    2011-10-06 11:49 PM