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    What's up guys? I finished this theme well over a month or two ago and really had no purpose other than to use photoshop and learn how themers create such fantastic themes. Well, after i learned and saw all the hard work that they put into just 1 theme, i decided to make my own. Inspired by many themers such as xpprem, rickym22, ziggy_7 and many many others. You might notice some copies of their work in the theme. I didn't mean that to happen so instead of making a big deal out of it. Send me a tweet on Twitter and I will switch it immediately. (@VEYR0Nxbugatti)

    If you wanna donate- yeah I don't want your money; Send it to people that need it:
    Jima6636, who just got hit with a flood in PA need help with his needs since he can't go to work anymore.
    DONATE: [email protected]

    19est80, he is stuck in the hospital because he is very ill. He has to pay for all is medical bills and pay for his family. He is at home now but can't afford to work with the surgery he went through.
    DONATE: [email protected]

    btw its my first theme so please tell me how i did. Did you like it did you not and how can i improve... & yeah its a big *** file
    DOWNLOAD: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3nmfdr


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    2011-10-12 01:47 AM
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    Is it just me or are there no preview pics?
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    2011-10-12 01:53 AM
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    i havent added any so it not you lol
    2011-10-12 02:10 AM
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    i havent added any so it not you lol
    Have you considered showing at least a few pics to give people an idea what you've done here mate?
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    2011-10-12 02:34 AM
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    Looks good!
    2011-10-12 09:55 AM