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  1. ellersbee's Avatar
    I have been thinking about messing with this again...I hope it will be all for nothing (Meaning, people are still interested in this theme)
    Last edited by ellersbee; 2012-11-07 at 09:33 PM.
    2012-11-07 02:45 PM
  2. ellersbee's Avatar

    Im really liking the White Texture on this. Maybe should have added a light shadow?

    Half hour wasted on this WinterBoard....horrible. Need to practice a little rusty
    2012-11-07 03:54 PM
  3. RKO1195's Avatar
    Looks good bud I hope we get that update to Legacy S this is one of my all time favorites
    2012-11-07 06:54 PM
  4. nateD's Avatar
    Wow..seriously, seeing this sh!t reopened has just made my day!
    2012-11-08 12:53 PM
  5. numb_gb's Avatar
    Can someone help me .... trying to get Legacy S back again...

    Austin's link to dropbox is dead ... can someone help please i can email proof of donation!

    2012-11-08 01:20 PM
  6. Bobvk114's Avatar
    i have been waiting forever for this to open back up ... my all time fav ... sux i dont have a jailbreak tho but i def will b keeping my eye on this!!!
    2012-11-08 03:42 PM
  7. DaRock's Avatar
    2012-11-09 09:11 PM
  8. ellersbee's Avatar
    Nice Dock
    2012-11-09 09:38 PM
  9. s0ulp1xel's Avatar
    Is there a 5.1 fix for legacy?
    2012-11-10 12:09 PM
  10. SatanSanders's Avatar
    Hi! I just registered here to ask you about a problem. I get a blue question mark when using the Legacy Pro LS+. What can I do?

    [Release] Legacy for iOS ~ by The Legacy Team-2012-11-14-09.08.38.png

    Help me please.
    2012-11-14 03:14 PM
  11. k.nitsua's Avatar
    That's a problem with the coding. I had an image there that was being hosted but it's not anymore. It'll require erasing some lines of coding.
    #eli7e revived me
    2012-11-15 03:34 PM
  12. numb_gb's Avatar
    Austin .... any chance to get a copy of Legacy S please i did donate first time around ??
    2012-11-15 03:45 PM
  13. k.nitsua's Avatar
    Give me until this weekend to get it. My brother still has my external HDD and he lives about an hour away - I'll be picking it up this Sunday.
    #eli7e revived me
    2012-11-15 04:47 PM
  14. numb_gb's Avatar
    Thank you
    2012-11-15 05:01 PM
  15. chanono's Avatar

    where i can find icon like this?
    2012-11-18 06:58 PM
  16. Pastorslyr's Avatar
    Where is whatsapp messages in?

    Sylvester Ambrose
    Christ Embassy IBOLOJI

    2012-11-23 06:36 AM
  17. Jj2345's Avatar
    Will we see a iOS 6.1 for iPhone 5 update anytime soon?? :-)
    2013-02-07 04:44 AM
  18. s0ulp1xel's Avatar
    Will we see a iOS 6.1 for iPhone 5 update anytime soon?? :-)
    I don't have the iPhone 5 but I would like an update for 6.1 too
    2013-02-10 04:52 AM
  19. sacred's Avatar
    Share the dock please?
    2013-02-10 04:54 AM
  20. TexasDeltaSig's Avatar
    Will we see a iOS 6.1 for iPhone 5 update anytime soon?? :-)
    Based on who created this theme, I seriously doubt it.
    2013-02-10 06:40 AM