1. chbisio's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    I have a Jailbroken iPad1 with all the latest updates from Cydia for Springboard, SBSettings, etc.
    Suddenly the volume rocker down button goes completely down when pushing it down, like the default behaviour when you
    keep pushing the button down for muting, but with just one quick push on the button, the weird thing is that
    if i restart the device, the first two pushes down work perfect and are shown on the screen overlay, but at the third
    push down it goes all the way down and mutes the device. The up volume button works perfect everytime but from then on,
    the down button only mutes the device. This is driving me crazy to fix, I know it's jailbreak related or with a problematic update
    for a Cydia App because if i enter Safe Mode the volume button behaviour is normal (the down volume button works as expected every time).
    Also I disabled every mobilesubstrate tweak and it keeps happening... I will appreciate any help on this.

    Thanks in advance,
    2011-10-31 05:44 PM