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    Hate that stock/linen look in Notification Center? Or maybe just want to try something new? I've got you covered.

    NCOSX and NCBlackLeather.
    Click to enlarge this image and the following. Go on, do it.

    Today I am releasing my new theme pack for Notification Center. There are 17 themes total (6 of them are in "beta") with many more to be added in future updates. These are fully retina supported, and if you ask me...they look pretty darn nice. Soon, my themes won't only theme the UI elements of Notification Center, but I plan on throwing in themes for some of the "plugins" as well.

    For a donation of only $2.00*, you will get all 17 NC+ themes, free updates and expansion packs. Hurry, because the price will most likely not stay the same. Read on for more pricing details.

    NCPinholes and NCOSX look great on a white device.

    NCWheat, NCLilac, and NCMountain (landscape).

    My previously released NCBlack, with its companions NCRed and NCBlue. You can still download NCBlack for free right here.

    NCSnow and NCDrops.

    As mentioned earlier, six of the themes are in beta, mainly because I don't know exactly how to go about finishing them up. I have a few ideas, but I am figuring out how to do it best. So these are mainly experimental at the moment.
    Screenshots of beta themes.

    Supports iPhone and iPod Touch.

    How to Purchase

    Send the donation via PayPal to zshore94(at)
    (In PayPal, send it as if sending it to family and friends.)

    Send the donation via Amazon Payments to theappman1(at)
    Amazon gift cards are also accepted.

    A minimum of $2 is required, but if you like it that much and want to donate more, I won't stop you

    Themes will be sent out anywhere from 2min to 48 hours after purchase, depending on the time of day, day of the week, or if I have I busy schedule or not. But I will strive to send it out less than 24 hours after purchase.

    Once purchased, you will receive a download link that includes the themes and a readme with instructions on install.


    Big thanks to Jacob (yes, the front page reporter), for some of the awesome photographs used in some of these themes. I have permission from him to use and distribute these in my themes.

    Check out his Flickr: Flickr: StarFront Photography's Photostream
    Jacob's Twitter: Twitter

    Contact Me

    Report bugs to one of the following.
    Email: theappman1(at)
    Twitter: @_Appman_

    *Price is subject to change as the pack expands. Don't be a pirate.
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    Those look nice dude - well done!
    2011-11-20 04:48 AM
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    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity
    2011-11-20 05:19 AM
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    Those look nice dude - well done!

    Thank you! Sent you the theme!
    2011-11-20 05:38 AM