1. jezirabid's Avatar
    I have a jailbroken (redsn0w) iphone 3gs that all of a sudden cannot access any rtsp media. I tether my phone for work, which
    includes streaming audio from my employer's rtsp server. There weren't any changes made to my phone that I recall, when
    it suddenly was not able to stream my audio. Thinking it was my pc, I did a lot of work there to no avail.

    It's definately my phone, as when I swap SIM cards with my husband's Nokia and jump online, the rtsp streams work fine.

    Does anyone know of a utility or fix for this? I'm completely confounded. It's such a hassle to try and restore my phone
    now that it's been jailbroken, so that's about the only thing I've not tried yet. I went and deleted all my apps and rebooted,
    except for my jailbroken apps, which I only have Cydia and MyWi. I installed MyWi fresh last night. Still no streaming

    Thanks much!
    2011-11-20 03:55 PM