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    [PREVIEW] Achromatic HD & SD

    iOS 4.1 - 5.0 READY!

    MadmanGFX proudly presents to you a winterboard theme that is rich in detail, very clean and sleek in the shades of gray! Achromatic HD is loaded with features including Three Icon Sets, UI, Auto Iconing, Media Player Skin, SBSettings, Phone App Skin, SMS Skin, Calendar Skin, Color Keyboard, Animated Lockscreen that is interactive, PerPageHTML+ Springboard Clock Widget that is interactive as well, User PSD for Icons and Loading Screens, Lock and Unlock UISounds and much more. iOS 4.1 - 5.0 compatible. Available for the the iPhone/iPod with retina and non-retina display (HD & SD).


    -Three Icon Sets
    -Complete UI
    -Auto Iconing
    -Media Player Skin
    -Phone App Skin
    -SMS Skin
    -Calendar App Skin
    -ColorKeyboard Theme (complete with popups)
    -User PSD's (Icons and Loading Screeens)
    -Animated LockScreen with Extended Weather
    -SpringBoard Clock Widget (set your Wallpaper in the Settings App, exit, before you respring, tap the thumbnail in the clock widget and watch it refresh with your selected Wallpaper. No more respringing required. The widget is interactive with PerPageHTML+ but will also work with the free version as well (you will have to respring with the free version though). Refresh thumbnail also works on the Animated LockScreen Widget.)


    -Gridlock or your favorite icon spacing tool of your choice (spacing for SpringBoard Widget)
    -ColorKeyboard (Keyboard Theme)
    -Folder Enhancer (optional but recommended for folders)
    -PerPageHTML+ (to make your SpringBoard Widget interactive. The free version will work as well, it just wont have the wallpaper refresh feature)


    Three Icon Sets

    Media Player

    Battery BG





    *Update: This will be available for the the iPhone/iPod with retina and non-retina display (HD & SD).
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    2011-12-01 04:32 AM
  2. Drdamage's Avatar
    Wow, looks good.
    2011-12-01 04:41 AM
  3. DefJammable's Avatar
    Looks good man
    2011-12-01 06:05 AM
  4. MadmanGFX's Avatar
    Thanks guys, I appreciate the commets. This theme is going be a great addition to the iphone theme collector. I'm currently working on the SB Settings and the ColorKeyboard part of this, I'll be keeping everybody updated
    2011-12-01 08:00 AM
  5. doc_mufasa's Avatar
    That's whats up. Very sharp. Good work my man.
    2011-12-01 08:17 AM
  6. zma's Avatar
    Great Can't wait to get it
    ʎɐʍ ʇɐႡʇ әɟ!Ⴈ ʎɯ әʞɐɯ әuoႡd! ʎɯ
    2011-12-01 05:16 PM
  7. numb_gb's Avatar
    Looking forward to seeing this !
    2011-12-01 08:10 PM
  8. MadmanGFX's Avatar
    Ok, I've got the Color Keyboard done Going to include two keyboards (I'll post some pics later) This theme will be available for SD and HD devices. For the moment the iPad will be the only one left out.
    2011-12-04 06:54 PM
  9. numb_gb's Avatar
    Good work
    2011-12-04 07:58 PM
  10. MadmanGFX's Avatar
    Color Keyboard Pics! Two Sets HD & SD

    2011-12-05 08:53 AM
  11. DefJammable's Avatar
    Looking good man can't wait
    2011-12-05 09:00 AM
  12. Max_Pa1n's Avatar
    Looks great!!Nice work.....will be getting this one for sure!
    2011-12-05 04:08 PM
  13. zma's Avatar
    How long we should be waiting for ?
    ʎɐʍ ʇɐႡʇ әɟ!Ⴈ ʎɯ әʞɐɯ әuoႡd! ʎɯ
    2011-12-05 06:13 PM
  14. MadmanGFX's Avatar
    How long we should be waiting for ?
    I'm thinking sometime later this week.
    2011-12-05 09:32 PM
  15. MadmanGFX's Avatar
    SB Settings Screenshot

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    2011-12-09 06:22 AM
  16. DefJammable's Avatar
    Is this dropping tonight or tomorrow (Friday) ?
    2011-12-09 06:50 AM
  17. MadmanGFX's Avatar
    I was thinking of adding the springboard clock widget as a winterboard theme but it ran into a conflict with another part of the theme. So the springboard clock widget will be a perpagehtml or perpagehtml+ theme only which is probably better cause it won't clog up the rest of the pages on your springboard.

    P.S. I've been doing all the beta testing myself and this the reason it hasn't been released yet. I appreciate your patience.
    2011-12-10 07:14 PM
  18. zma's Avatar
    SB Settings looks great still waiting for the release date hope ont for a long time I am inpatient man when it comes to such grate theme
    ʎɐʍ ʇɐႡʇ әɟ!Ⴈ ʎɯ әʞɐɯ әuoႡd! ʎɯ
    2011-12-10 07:18 PM
  19. MadmanGFX's Avatar
    OK, theme has been submitted for approval! I'll post a comment once theme has gone live in the Cydia Store
    2011-12-11 07:57 AM
  20. DefJammable's Avatar
    OK, theme has been submitted for approval! I'll post a comment once theme has gone live in the Cydia Store
    I'll be waiting
    2011-12-11 10:12 AM
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