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    I'm pretty new at theming and i have a question. I recently themed tweetbot (Tweetbot Detoxed Legacy in cydia) but I'm sure i did it the most difficult way possible. I had to go into ifile and save every image to my camera roll and email them to myself. I think i emailed myself over 900 images. There has to be an easier way. Every time a try and pull an app with winSCP and view the images in photoshop or gimp, it will not let me view the images. Can someone please lead me in the right direction? i would like to theme other apps but refuse to do it the same way i did for tweetbot. Any info would be greatly appreciated! TIA
    2011-12-14 11:36 PM
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    ok with the help of my buddy @MBHays on twitter, he found me a program to normalize the pngs so i figured I'd share that with yall



    drop the png's you want normalized in the png folder and run the iPhonefixpng application. Click convert, and after it has finished, the normalized png's will be in the fixed folder
    2011-12-15 03:53 AM
  3. Megaorange's Avatar
    IFunbox normalizes pngs
    2011-12-15 04:01 AM
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    IFunbox normalizes pngs
    Did not know that. Never used it but thanks
    2011-12-15 04:02 AM
  5. krisyouk's Avatar
    Download TIM from cydia. Enjoy.
    2011-12-17 04:41 AM
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    My bad. It's called ThemeIconMaker in cydia.
    2011-12-18 09:09 AM
  7. krisyouk's Avatar
    Icon Thief works too
    2011-12-19 02:26 AM