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    I have a question for anyone willing to listen.

    I know zero about theming & am asking for someone to take the mantle of a theme that is going to be abandoned by the author (via twitter he stated he would not be updating the them to iOS5). The theme is iSquare 2. I have the files from the author & if I get his permission, would anyone be willing to update this theme? It is an extremely simple theme, but if no one wants to take on the responsibility (& I realize doing so would be a tremendous responsibility) I understand completely!

    I'd also like to ask if anyone knows of any other simple themes that are iOS 5 compatible. Something similar to iSquare 2 would be great. All it does is skin the icons with an app mask & then has quite a few different icons for cydia apps in the same fashion.

    Thanks again everyone for just being an awesome community.
    2011-12-19 10:36 AM