1. phairplay's Avatar
    I'm sorry if this is the wrong section.

    could someone please tell me what files I need to edit to have a clear lockscreen on my ipad 1 on ios 5.0.1

    many thank
    2011-12-28 01:52 AM
  2. yankz23's Avatar
    im looking for the same thing or even a tap to unlock would be nice.
    i posted a similar question on another forum for tap to unlock for ipad 2 ios 5 but no one answered there either
    2012-01-02 04:03 PM
  3. yankz23's Avatar
    i got this answer from another forum i posted in if youre still looking so i cannot take credit for this.

    "If you can access the iPad filesystem through sFTP/ssh then copy the following files to your hard disk. You find those files at /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TelephonyUI.framework. As I don't have an iPad iOS5.01 firmware I am not sure about the exact names, but they should be something like:
    Most likely you will not be able to open them as they are decrypted, but on the mouse over you should be able to see their dimensions, make a note of those. An alternative is here. You will need these dimensions when you are creating new transparent png files with those names. Once you created them put the new all transparent ones into a new folder called com.apple.TelephonyUI. That folder goes into another folder called Bundles and that folder goes into yet again another folder that you can call "Tap to unlock iPad", which is also the folder you have then to copy into your Winterboad theme folder, /private/var/stash/Themes.XXXXXX (XXXXXX is a random number and letter sequence!).
    Now select Tap to unlock iPad in Winterboard and respring, should work, but you might find that annoying "Slide to Unlock" text still there. To get rid of that create a new folder inside the Bundles folder and call it com.apple.springboard. Inside that folder you need yet another folder which is for your language (default english: the folder name would be en.lproj), but if you use a different language then it needs to be matching to your language. Inside that folder you need a text file called SpringBoard.strings with just one line in it:
    "AWAY_LOCK_LABEL" = "";
    This will set the "Slide to Unlock" text to "" (no text), respring and now you should have a invisible tap to unlock lockscreen on your iPad."

    it does work as i was able to do it but im trying to get it to tap to unlock now.
    2012-01-03 12:11 PM
  4. Buckstar's Avatar
    The Best Clear Lockscreen iPad IOS5 1.0 has to be downloaded from this website:

    The Best Clear Lockscreen iPad iOS5 1.0 | iWatcher.net

    SSH the deb file and install it with iFile. Respring, then go into Winterboard to select the theme.

    Respring and ENJOY!! (Please hit THANK YOU for me so I'd get a number )
    2012-02-07 06:33 PM