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    hi guys,
    i registered here just for a thing that never happened to me. First i wanna say that im from Argentina, so maybe my english its not so good.
    I have my iPod Touch 4g 8gb, ios 5.0.1 jailbroken with RedSn0w (untethered). Well, yesterdey i installed from cydia "Appsync 5.0+" (from the source: and then Inst4ll0us (i write it with numbers because it censure me the word! lol) (from the same source).
    The problem is that i installed from ********** an app (for example blueprint 3D). I use it, play,etc, but today i wanted to sync mi ipod and transfer my cracked apps, so i press transfer, and a popup says if i wanna trasnfer my "buys" (the apps cracked", i press yes, but they doesnt transfer. They delete from mi ipod and they r not in itunes!!!!
    I wanna a answer , because i dont want to install everything again when i sync mi ipod

    P.D: another question, i installed SBSettings, and now, when i install an app from ********** this happens to my springboard (i have to do a respring so my tings r gonna back normal)
    Help with Appsync 5.0+! :(-img_0858.png
    the problem is the icons that appear (like configuration,sbsettings,adsheet,ios diagnostics)

    And then i dont know if this is normal, but when i install appsync and i restart springboard this happens
    Help with Appsync 5.0+! :(-img_0859.png
    i just have Quisco icon! i have to turn off and turn on the ipod (not a respring)
    2011-12-28 05:39 PM
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    Nobody can help you with piracy. Goodbye

    secret moderator... Please hit that THANKS button over there if I helped you in any single way
    2011-12-29 02:05 AM
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    As said above warez or piracy apps are not allowed in this forum.

    Thread closed
    2011-12-29 02:11 AM