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    So, it seems iOS comes with the ability to customize new sounds, severely crippling the need to Theme (unless you are really into the finer details and icon skinning). To me, I really jailbreak to change the sounds, the icon skins, font and small images here and there (like the signal bars, slider, etc) are trivial to me but a nice addition.

    Anyway, there is little point to making full sound schemes any more because the initial six text tones (which used to be all nicely grouped together) are now scattered in amoungst ALL the available sounds on the device AND you can use custom tones put into iTunes as these tones. Example, I had about six different Legend of Zelda UISounds folders which each had different system sounds plus six text tones. The text tones are no longer needed, I can choose from any and all of them by putting them into iTunes Tones and just change between the different system sounds not sacrificing the system sounds for the pre-set six tones.

    With all that explanation I need to know what system sounds are still not customizable by the native Settings.app and their respective names within the system (example: "beep-beep". What uses that noise.)

    Also, anyone know of a way to change the "new" tones that were added to iPhone 4's with the iOS 4 software?

    Also, any instructions out there on theming folders? I've yet to find anything and browsing through various themes I cannot seem to find anything. Same with Notification centre.

    I'm an amateur themer, as you can tell, but eager to learn if you would take a moment to assist.
    2012-01-03 03:01 AM
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    2012-01-06 02:26 AM
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    The "beep-beep" file is the sound you hear when you plug your iDevice in to charge. The files for theming folders are located at /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app

    The filenames themselves are, FolderDropBG~iphone.png and FolderIconBG~iphone.png

    Here is a link to my Ocarina of Time theme if you would like to use it as a reference point: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    2012-01-17 11:45 PM
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    Thank-you kindly for replying! I appreciate that information and the reference. When I get some time next week I will surely disassemble your themes and look at the components. It is difficult to know what sounds I hear the phone make normally during a normal operation and what their name is so I can put an appropriate sound there without weeks of testing and having it make those noises.
    2012-01-25 01:18 AM
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    Because MegaUpload has been taken down by the government use this link to get my theme. I don't have all the sounds in there yet but I am still working on putting names to sounds.

    Ocarina of Time (Key Slider).rar
    2012-01-25 01:30 AM