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  1. FrightDealer's Avatar
    Coming at you again with another theme! , been a while, but you know, going through stuff that has held me back from theming for a while, but here is one that will be as great, maybe even better, than the others i have ported!


    Well, this theme will look exactly like the original Winterboard counterpart. Everything will be in the same Springboard style originally meant by ALIEN1974. BUT, of course i will be adding my flair to it to make it better and more user friendly. The theme will be completely user customizable. From where you place your icons, to where you place folders as well. From the type of widget you use, or even not using a widget, just having the pictureframe in the middle, but you will be able to interchange between images just by scrolling the picture.

    Features it will have!

    > Icons customizable, total of 2 scrollable pages, each icon editable
    > Folder options. Close to what Nickio did with the 1nfect3d port. (Saying this now so no one thinks i stole his idea, it is the same concept, but changed to add my style, not a total rip.)
    > 3 Widgets
    > I am still tempted to add Web Widgets (FB, Twitter, etc.) but it is still a thought, i will think about it soon.
    > Other extras that i will add, don't want to spoil you! lol

    Ok, I have been thinking really hard...and well, i am sort of in need of cash. So this theme will be paid! ... I know i usually do Free just like the DARKSTAR and True HTC HD2 ports. But, this will take even more work than the other two and take even more time to create. I really don't like doing this but i need the money. I'm truely sorry. But, i will not make it a FIXED price, no, you guys choose the price. A poll will be added. You guys choose how much you want it to be worth, it's only fair!

    The theme...well, i don't want to give a fixed date of when it will be completed. But, i will be working as hard as possible. Hopefully, by Feburary it will be finished and ready for purchase! I will add screenshots and a preview video as soon as i have a layout working with one widget and icons, etc. Just be patient my friends, i will have this done! It will be worth the wait!


    ALIEN1974 - Original Creator! Great themes, can't wait for your new one!
    Kuanyu - My Teacher and a close friend!
    DarkXShadowX21 - My bro! Wouldn't be making themes if it was him pushing me!

    (Don't forget to check out my site, just click my sig!)
    Attached Thumbnails Lucid Dream Theme Port!-lucid.jpg  
    Last edited by FrightDealer; 2012-01-22 at 03:55 AM.
    2012-01-03 06:20 AM
  2. noelbob's Avatar
    I have been looking forward to this and will buy this one for sure. Are those screenshots of what you have?
    2012-01-03 06:43 AM
  3. FrightDealer's Avatar
    I have been looking forward to this and will buy this one for sure. Are those screenshots of what you have?
    No, i will add screenshots of the actual port later on once i have everything where i want them. , those pics are there so people have an idea of how it will look like
    Last edited by FrightDealer; 2012-01-03 at 01:51 PM.
    2012-01-03 06:50 AM
  4. FrightDealer's Avatar
    2012-01-03 06:40 PM
  5. FrightDealer's Avatar
    Bump! Added a preview video today on OP. Check it out. I know there are some measurement errors, i am currently fixing them, as of now, it is a alpha. Later this week might be in beta.
    2012-01-09 11:35 PM
  6. BadJ3d1's Avatar
    Looks really good bro!
    2012-01-10 04:08 AM
  7. FrightDealer's Avatar
    Looks really good bro!
    lol, thanks bro! Going to do my best to make it as user customizable as possible. It is for the people after all! I see you are making an Ubuntu theme, can't wait!
    2012-01-10 04:44 AM
  8. BadJ3d1's Avatar
    How's it coming bro?
    2012-01-30 06:06 PM
  9. FrightDealer's Avatar
    How's it coming bro?
    Holding it back a bit. Working on a new project that i think i've told you about. I'm still working on it little by little. So, it's not completely on hold. It might be released along with my second project. . Hang in there, this theme will be worth it for sure, and the same goes for my other project
    2012-01-30 06:15 PM
  10. 2k1's Avatar
    Bump count me in
    2012-01-30 06:18 PM
  11. BadJ3d1's Avatar
    Sweetness. Looking forward to both!
    2012-01-30 06:20 PM
  12. FrightDealer's Avatar
    Bump count me in
    Sweetness. Looking forward to both!
    Thank you two! Trust me, the second project release (beta) is really close, next week, its a theme you guys might know! And will love! For sure! This one will be next, and worth it as well! Sorry for holding it back.
    2012-02-04 07:00 AM
  13. 2k1's Avatar
    Take ya time with it but not to long lol
    2012-02-04 01:26 PM
  14. FrightDealer's Avatar
    Take ya time with it but not to long lol
    Don't worry bro! The second project should distract you all for a good amount of time while i get everything set for the LD theme! =D
    Thanks for the support!

    (wondering if i should just tell you what it is, or surprise you all with the beta!....hmmmm)
    2012-02-04 04:52 PM
  15. 2k1's Avatar
    Depends whens beta
    2012-02-04 05:07 PM
  16. FrightDealer's Avatar
    Depends whens beta
    Somewhere next week, FOR SURE! lol.
    2012-02-04 05:34 PM
  17. 2k1's Avatar
    That's to far away lol
    2012-02-04 05:36 PM
  18. FrightDealer's Avatar
    That's to far away lol
    . Trust me, the way i made this badboy, you are going to like it! Each widget has it's own springboard layout!! Making it the first theme to have those changes with each Widget! Just hang in there a couple of days, the beta will hold (hopefully) both widgets. The second theme will be paid, but it is not up to me for the price, it is up to the creator who's theme i am porting! Very recognized themer, and i was honored enough to port it! Same with ALIEN's work
    2012-02-04 05:46 PM
  19. 2k1's Avatar
    Porting so this is for dreamboard ya talking about?
    2012-02-04 05:47 PM
  20. FrightDealer's Avatar
    Porting so this is for dreamboard ya talking about?
    Yea, all the themes i make are for Dreamboard! .
    2012-02-04 05:52 PM
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