1. altoiddealer's Avatar
    Does anyone know exactly what percentages trigger the lockscreen battery image to change?

    I would like to include percentages in my custom battery design, but I would like them to correlate with the percentage displayed next to the small battery in the corner.

    I've compared a bunch of different custom batteries, but it seems like everyone just guesses at different values.

    I suppose I could figure this out on my own by checking the lockscreen every time the battery depletes by 1%, but it would be great to find out that someone already did this.
    2012-01-04 05:49 PM
  2. altoiddealer's Avatar
    Well nevermind, there does not seem to be a correlation between the percentage displayed in the top right corner and the battery image displayed on the lock screen. At least not on my device (iTouch 4G ios 5.0.1).

    The % in the corner is not triggering the battery image to change. Oddly enough, that % also tends to go up even when device is not charging.

    2012-01-04 08:10 PM