1. KanYarK's Avatar
    I'm currently using Prestige HD and I'm not liking the look of the status bar that comes with it. I have SSH'd into my device and don't see any files related to the status bar. I would basically like to stop it from theming that area and would like to use the default, slightly transparent black one.

    How would I do this, or what files would I need to search for? Thanks for your time!
    2012-01-09 05:48 PM
  2. Jahooba's Avatar
    They should be in the UIImages folder of the theme in var/stash/themes/themename.

    Or, if the themer is fancy, they will be in var/stash/themes/themename/Folders/UIKit.framework.

    However, it's not all cut-and-dry as you'll find the status bar images mixed with other UI images, so you may want to back up that folder to your computer before you start deleting stuff.

    2012-01-09 07:16 PM