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    Hey :]
    I have been waiting on a theme called "inav icloud" to come out since march of 2010, and still i haven't heard anything about it being released. So what i am trying to do is create my own version of the theme myself. Everything was going well untill i was working on my apps. The theme is pretty much a mod of the theme "teknologik" and in that theme there is larger versions of icons in the middle of the screen, as do most inav themes. But the theme i am trying to duplicate uses stock icons so there is no theme on them. The only part about the icons that is themed is the larger icons in the middle of the screen. So i have been searching the web trying to find downloads for larger versions of the stock icons to use on my theme.
    So if anyone can maybe make them for me or direct me to a place where i can find them i would really appreciate it.
    The icons i would need are the, Music or iPod, either will do, App Store, Game Center, and Cydia icons
    Thanks in advance.
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