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  1. SIGMA-ZERO's Avatar
    i think cocoanuts team is one of the biggest teams in developing cydia apps ..

    but also i think that its one of the weakest team in support..!

    3months ago they wrote on their twitter account that Celeste will support Ios5 but here we are and nothing happened and we didn't here a thing from them??!..

    also their is untethered jailbreak for 5.0.1 on a4 devices and couple of days we will see the jb for a5 devices..!

    users tried to get celeste work on 5.0.1 but they are facing some issues with Germlin2 ..! and they already reported the bugs that face them !?..

    also to make celeste work on 5.0.1 u must be one the purchased users that bought it on 4.3.3 ..! and you are not using the cracked version..

    so i don't see why cocoanuts doesn't want to respect the users that supported them and bought celeste and support them in releasing a version for 5.0.1 or even tell us news on whats going on the team..

    cause users think that they already had been fooled and cocoanuts stole their money..!

    we need a support and news from the team ...!

    and here iam i say it again if u are looking for abeta tester for the a5 devices am here with my 4s device just 1 of the developers contact me on [email protected]
    2012-01-19 02:07 PM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Taken from the BTStack website

    Comment by project member [email protected], Today (4 hours ago)
    here's a bit of info. gremlin did cause the filesystem to explode, we've learned that not using libffmpeg at least prevents that.

    Celeste consists of 3 parts: Bluetooth OBEX, send integration into system apps, import of received files. OBEX is fine on iOS 5. Importing songs on iOS4 was a major hack, but it doesn't work anymore on iOS5. Send integration is probably broken in some cases, but that's fixable.
    2012-01-20 08:12 PM