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    I made my own winterboard Portal 2 SMS tones because I wasn't happy with the ones that were available on Cydia at the time. I looked up how to have the text tones show their names with the "texttone:Bell" = "Do You Know Who I Am?"; in ab.strings

    Apparently this has changed in iOS 5. The folder hierarchy changed slightly with the newer text tones and I managed to fix that, but for the life of me can I find anything in regards to renaming the text tones.

    Here's my folder setup.

    • Portal 2 UI Sounds 01.theme/
      new text tones
      all the system sounds

    Text Tone strings in ab.strings:
    "texttone:Bell" = "Do You Know Who I Am?";
    "texttone:Bloom" = "Hello, Imbecile";
    "texttone:Calypso" = "Hola, Amigo";
    "texttone:Chime" = "Look At This";
    "texttone:Choo Choo" = "Keep Your Pants On";
    "texttone:Descent" = "It's Interestin'";
    "texttone:Electronic" = "Don't Tell Anyone";
    "texttone:Fanfare" = "Let's See What We Got";
    "texttone:Glass" = "Love This";
    "texttone:Horn" = "Did You Feel That?";
    "texttone:Ladder" = "Felt Really Good.";
    "texttone:Minuet" = "Please Wave";
    "texttone:Anticipate" = "Grab Me! Grab Me! Grab Me!";
    "texttone:News Flash" = "Procrastinator";
    "texttone:Noir" = "One Useful Thing";
    "texttone:Sherwood Forest" = "Well Hello Stranger";
    "texttone:Spell" = "Greeting Friend";
    "texttone:Suspense" = "Ha, It Worked!";
    "texttone:Telegraph" = "Here I Am Again";
    "texttone:Tiptoes" = "Hiya Pretty Lady";
    "texttone:Tri-tone" = "Suppose To Do With These?";
    "texttone:Typewriters" = "How Have You Been?";
    "texttone:Update" = "Oh, Hello Angel";
    plist code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">
    <string>texttone:Grab Me! Grab Me! Grab Me!</string>
    <string>texttone:Hello, Imbecile</string>
    <string>texttone:Hola, Amigo</string>
    <string>texttone:Keep Your Pants On</string>
    <string>texttone:It's Interestin'</string>
    <string>texttone:Let's See What We Got</string>
    <string>texttone:Felt Really Good.</string>
    <string>texttone:Please Wave</string>
    <string>texttone:One Useful Thing</string>
    <string>texttone:Well Hello Stranger</string>
    <string>texttone:Greeting Friend</string>
    <string>texttone:Ha, It Worked!</string>
    <string>texttone:Here I Am Again</string>
    <string>texttone:Hiya Pretty Lady</string>
    <string>texttone:How Have You Been?</string>
    <string>texttone:Oh, Hello Angel</string>
    <string>texttone:Suppose To Do With These?</string>
    <string>texttone:Look At This</string>
    <string>texttone:Love This</string>
    <string>texttone:Did You Feel That?</string>
    <string>texttone:Do You Know Who I Am?</string>
    <string>texttone:Let's See What We Got</string>
    <string>Adventure Sphere</string>
    While I'm grateful for having iOS 5.0.1 Jailbroken this minor detail is driving me a bit batty. Regular text tone names remain the same when I hit this new jailbreak, but changed on 4.x.x lol Also I wish the search function worked and wasn't throwing up a database error on modmyi. Anyway, anyone with some insight on how to remedy this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey, good news and bad news... Bad news is that you can't do what you want to with iOS 5. Check my post below for the good news
    2012-03-10 06:29 AM