1. patoons's Avatar
    i think everyone on 5.0.1 has this bitesms issue since i know 4 users who have this...

    previously i had bite set up where i had no popup alerts, with the SBsettings toggle. if my phone was on loud, then i would get an audible alert. and i would be able to hit the counter bubble on the status bar to bring up quick reply.

    now on 5.0.1, the counter bubble that is on the status bar doesn't respond to touch whatsoever. so you have to go to the app to check a new message.

    and if you have the SBsettings toggle off, it also shuts off the sounds.

    i really need this to allow me to shut off popup alerts while keeping the sms alert sounds, all while being able to pull up the quick reply from the bubble counter status bar icon.

    i've gone thru the settings quite a few times... unless there's something i'm overlooking.

    bite 6.2.3 isn't any better, the counter bubble status bar icon only comes up if sbsettings is toggled on.
    2012-01-25 10:09 PM
  2. brittag's Avatar
    This sounds like something to ask the biteSMS developers...
    2012-01-30 06:52 AM
  3. patoons's Avatar
    This sounds like something to ask the biteSMS developers...
    i did, all i got was an automated response telling me to check out the FAQ
    2012-01-30 03:18 PM
  4. mr117's Avatar
    Go to the biteSMS forum. There are other ways to turn off popups (from bite and from Apple>Settings. I don't have any of your issues, so maybe you can get some ideas there. (I use activator to open from the icon on the status bar.) Oh, and .4 has been released.
    2012-01-30 03:41 PM