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    Dear all!

    Is possible in some way to stream Audio/Video (not iTunes songs, but for example Online Radio) from your iPhone/iPad to a PC that will then play it on your Hi-FI audio system?

    I am using a lot of online radios to play music on mine iPhone and iPad. Currently I have the following setup: I use a docking station connected to my AV receiver and I select a song, press play and - yeah, music plays nicely in my house.

    However I hate the cables and I want to be able to do the same but without this annoying docking station. Like I am streaming audio in my car via bluetooth for example.

    What I have in my home setup is:
    - HTPC with WIN7 x64
    - AV Receiver (connected to HTPC via HDMI)
    - Gigabit network and WIFI (I have hacked the router to become switch using dd-wrt.com)
    - Jailbreaken iPhone 4s and iPad 2
    some other PCs around..

    And no, I do not want to use AirExpress..

    or is it only me who has that question/idea in mine?
    Because I see everyone else just wants otherway around! From PC to iPad! But I have a super-duper sound installation and I better use with the fancy way to control it from anywhere using iPad2!

    Any ideas?
    2012-01-26 01:50 AM
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    Shairport4w will turn a windows pc into an airplay device.

    How to Make Your Entire Home AirPlay-Compatible
    2012-01-26 03:32 AM
  3. Evekhm's Avatar
    oh, cool! will check it out, sounds like a real solution for me! thank you!
    2012-01-26 09:38 AM
  4. Number1's Avatar
    Let me know how it works or if you have problems getting it going. I think you have to have iTunes/bonjour installed for it to work. I have a two pc setup with this program and it's really good. If you also want to do AirPlay video on your pc, Have a look at xbmc Eden beta. Xbmc is a media center program similar to windows media center. The newestst beta has AirPlay video built in for pc.

    2012-01-26 09:15 PM
  5. Evekhm's Avatar
    amazing things, everything worked out-of-the-box for me!
    Thank you for sharing, really spent quite some time searching in Internet, but got a lof unrelevant staff..

    What else are you using at home? would like to learn something more from you..maybe you can share some of your setup/devices and how you get something amazing by integrating it all?

    thank you thank you
    2012-01-26 11:52 PM
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    Cool. I'm glad it worked out for you.
    For TV:
    I have a windows HTPC connected to my cable to record tv shows. There is a program called MCE Buddy that automagically converts the recorded tv into itunes/ipad format and adds metadata. I created a batch script to run at 3:00 am that will take all of the newly recorded shows from the MCE Buddy folder and copy them into the "automatically add to iTunes" folder on my iMac. So when I wake up in the morning, all of my shows are ready to be synced to my iPad.

    For Movies:
    I use a combination of Plex Media Server on my mac and XBMC on my HTPC in the living room and the bedroom. I normally use my iMac to rip my DVDs then place them into a folder that is watched by Plex Media Server(PMS). When PMS detects a new movie in that folder, it automatically tags it with cover art and all the details.

    In XBMC, I use a plugin called "plexbmc" which is able to read the information from PMS. All of the cover art and details really show up nice.

    Plex has its own HTPC software that is actually really nice on the eyes. But I prefer XBMC because there are netflix and pandora plugins.

    Plex also has an iOS app that allows you to watch anything that you've imported into PMS. You can even set it up to use through the internet in case you're not on your own network.
    And if you have the windows HTPC with tv recording capabilities, I recommend that you check out Splashtop in the iTunes app store. Splashtop is a remote desktop type program that I use to connect to my HTPC and watch live tv from anywhere on my iPad or iPhone.

    Links to stuff:
    MCE Buddy MCEBuddy
    Plex Media Server and Plex HTPC software Plex - A Complete Media Solution
    XBMC pandora plugin [RELEASE] Pandora Radio (Script) Music Addon - XBMC Community Forum
    Plexbmc PleXBMC client for XBMC - Plex Forums
    Plex iOS app App Store - Plex
    Splashtop iOS app Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPhone & iPod for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    2012-01-27 03:01 AM
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    Its amazing. Thanks dear for sharing such a great information here...
    Watch movies free online without any interruption of video quality
    2012-01-27 07:40 PM
  8. Evekhm's Avatar
    Indeed Is going to take me some more time to complete the investigation of your list!

    I am currently fightin with the temptation (almost about to loose) to buy a new receiver with AirPlay in it, like Pioneer VSX-1021 . Costs ~400-500euro.
    I know that now especially with the Shairport4w app it is not so required..but.. such a toy! Did you ever consider of having something like that?...

    Thanks anyway for all the info!
    2012-01-30 01:30 AM