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    So i get a lot of questions, people asking me "what theme...?" or something other. so this is my thread that ill update when i find something new i like and ill share download links.

    So i am a Photography Major, Minoring in Design. I am a full believer in minimalistic design being the most pleasing to the eye, so thats what i base my iPhone theming off of.

    Now my themes are made, and tailored specific to my needs, then transfered to my phone via SSH. I get all my icons from either Iconpaper, macthemes, or deviant art. Then i take certain icons i like from certain themes then build my own theme with those icons.

    So without further adue here all the screenshots ive posted of my themes. ill give credit where credit is deserved. Just ask me if you want a certain icon or theme or lockscreen etc....

    (My iPad 2)

    And this is my most current set up



    The theme i am currently using is called Jaku and you can pay for it here:
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