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    I've poked around multiple forums and on my own in all kinds of ssh apps trying to find the files to replace with custom Sprint ones on my Sprint 4s. The Sprint bundle doesn't contain any .png files to swap out, and I can't find a plist that points to any. Is it possible to change the logo? Has anyone managed to do it? This used to be so simple with Tmobile! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh...NO...I don't want to use winterboard to do this (though the only options thus far are sprint logos for GSM iPhones).
    2012-01-28 01:45 AM
  2. ("\(.:...:.)/") ~ RaWr's Avatar
    Funny enough, I just finished fighting this battle against the Apple overlords :P

    I know how hard it was and how little info there is around so I created a post with a guide for it.

    Let me know how it works for ya.

    EDIT: Granted, my way uses Winterboard to enable the files. I am not quite sure yet why it is not taking them directly from the carrier.bundle directory. If you find a way to do it without Winterboard, please let me know
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    2012-01-28 10:01 PM