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    I found this website the other day and they will literally buy you apps on your own iTunes account, just for doing something you normally do "buy apps". All you gotta do is download some sponsored apps. I've already gotten angry birds on my iPad and iPhone. I'm working on getting apple Pages app. So if you can guys help me out. Follow this link Free My Apps - Never Pay for Apps Again. and I'll get some extra credits. Anyone who follows that link if you place a link on here I'll follow you right back. This app is for school guys so plz help out. I would like Pages for school thanx 

    Ps its really easy and fun to use.

    You don't have to buy apps typo just download free ones. This is completely legal, all creators of the app will get paid their hard earned money. This is not piracy in any way, sign up now.
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    2012-01-28 12:32 AM
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    Staff has had disscussion and freemyapps has been cleared as legal. If someone has info saying otherwise please let staff know for future knowledge.

    But posting referal links are not allowed. Only direct links.
    2012-01-28 12:48 AM