1. patatesboy's Avatar
    Ryan Petrich has just released "Belfry" which ports native iPhone apps to the iPad like weather, clock, compass, calculator, etc... I've been trying to (as far as my knowledge goes, which isn't much) port the music player from iOS4 to iOS 5. The music player for the iPad on iOS 5 in my opinion, and many others as well, is just horrible. I was wondering if anyone else had any idea on how to do it, or has this already been done?
    2012-01-29 05:25 AM
  2. shanehsu's Avatar
    I have got the iPod touch 4G's 5.0.1 music app to work on iPad, but since I don't have iPads running 4.3.3 software, I will need a copy of iPod.app on iOS 4.3.3 to try it out.
    2012-02-05 08:41 AM