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    I have 2 iPhone 4's that are unlocked with the Gevey Ultra. One is on 4.3.2 and the other is on 4.3.3 Both have firmware 04.10.01.

    Today I upgraded Cydia on both phones and now when I click "ACCEPT" on the Gevey screen, the phone freezes for 25 seconds then fades out to a black screen then restarts itself and does it all again. It's the same thing on both phones and it doesn't do it when the SIM card it removed.

    What can I do? Downgrade Cydia?
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    2012-01-30 11:56 PM
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    I called Applenberry and they confirmed the new update was not compatible.
    They make me preserve my baseband and update to 5.0.1 and all works fine in manual mode, but I cannot get Gevey to unlock automatically.
    2012-01-31 02:16 AM
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    I don't think Furiousmod is compatible with iOS 5. Again, Applenberry is probably your best bet for support with this.
    2012-02-07 02:32 AM