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    I'm attempting to follow this guide to make my iPhone apps run at my iPad's native resolution. However, I've run into a problem; info.plist never saves the changes. First, I installed OpenSSH and copied the file to my Documents. I tried using Plist Editor for Windows to insert the code at the top, saved, reopened and no changes. I tried using pledit to edit the plist file; same problem. I tried copying all the information, making a new plist file, pasting the old information into the new one, and then modifying the file; it just reverted to the original state (without modifications). I tried opening the file directly on my iPad via iFile. Same problem once again. I've ensured both in iFile and in Windows that the file permissions belonged entirely to me, I ran all programs in administrative mode, nothing at all could change that file. Any idea why this is and how I can fix it?
    2012-01-31 05:09 AM