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    Well guys , just to add to this I had an email from Matthias Ringwald today:

    Hi J**le

    Sorry for the lack of information. We started to work on Celeste on iOS 5 after Absinth came out (I know use an i4S with 5.0.1) and fixed the "Send" integration for those apps where it got broken. We plan to release a beta version for iOS 5 for existing users when at least send and receive works stable - but defer the file import for later.


    On 02.02.2012, at 19:37, Ja**e T**g**nd wrote:

    Dear Matthias, could you please let me know what the status is on Celeste for iOS5 ?? No one from Cocoanutapps are available for comments ; no email or contact details ?!?!?

    Ja**e T**g**nd
    2012-02-04 10:20 PM
  2. Fafner's Avatar
    If we are lucky we'll get a new version a couple of days before 5.1 gets released...5.1 will ofc break things again
    2012-02-05 01:09 AM
  3. LarryL's Avatar
    If we are lucky we will get a new version this year :-/.
    2012-02-07 02:37 PM
  4. Fafner's Avatar
    There's already something curious about this statement.

    They "fixed" but they "plan", they don't "know" yet when. I guess that in 1 month we'll be here again complaining, with no further news or reply from anyone involved in that development after this announcement.
    2012-02-07 07:45 PM
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    From Twitter today @cocoanutapps;

    GREAT SUCCESS! iOS5 iTunes finally pwned. Gremlin, Celeste, and YourTube updates for iOS5 are all ready for beta-testing, await instructions
    2012-02-07 11:54 PM
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    Beta now available

    Mobile iTunes pwned yet again - CocoaNuts

    Doesn't like IntelliscreenX
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    2012-02-09 05:27 AM
  7. JarJarTee's Avatar
    Tried Celeste a few times now, transferred files across iMac, iphone to iphone etc, seems to work OK. It's a shame coocoanutapps are so crappy at their communication - spoils it a bit.
    2012-02-15 07:12 PM