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    Awesome work as always, Jato. Thank you!
    2014-05-11 02:30 PM
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    Awesome work as always, Jato. Thank you!
    Thanks Jay!
    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
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    2014-05-11 07:48 PM
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    I have found the reason as to why we can't theme the iCloud Settings panel (not the icon for it, the icons in the menu itself like Mail, Contacts, Calendars etc.), and also why there is an exception with Find My iPhone.

    You may not know this, but you can also theme the icons in the menus in the Settings app, such as in Privacy and iTunes & App Store. The only location that can't be fully themed is the iCloud menu, which is really annoying for OCD-kinda people like me. It seems you should be able to just theme the icons there by referencing to and then adding the relevant .pngs listed in the folder /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/AccountSettings/AppleAccountSettings.bundle (the .pngs themselves are actually just lying there in the folder). Unfortunately, the only icon that does theme is Find My iPhone, which I found incredibly odd (be careful here: the icon is pre-rendered with rounding etc.). Upon further inspection, it turns out the file controlling which icons are loaded only makes reference to three .pngs: two of which are defunct iOS 6 ones, and the last is the fmip.png. That means the other icons in the folder do literally nothing, and you can prove this. Replace them with new images with the same names, respring, and you'll see the images in the iCloud menu don't change at all. What's more, all the images required for that menu aren't actually here: no Contacts, Calendars, Safari etc.

    So where are the images coming from? An .artwork file of course! Clearly there isn't one in the folder with the other icons, so it must be stored somewhere else. Further looking into the file for loading the images, you can see it makes reference to may other folders containing the stock iOS UI. One folder that caught my eye was the AccountsUI one, so I tracked it down to find some .pngs as well as a .artwork file. Result! But is is the right one? Well I did a test: I edited the file using Notepad and deleted everything inside. Then I added the file to my theme, referencing and restarted the Settings app. Just as I predicted, none of the icons were loaded except for Find My iPhone.

    This means that we can theme the icons in the iCloud settings menu, but we have to crack open the .artwork first. The artwork file is called [email protected] and is stored in the folder /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AccountsUI.framework/ The BundleID to refer to is
    2014-05-19 02:58 PM
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    Just proving the point above: These icons can be themed with an altered .artwork file. Find My iPhone (or iPod touch/iPad) is a separate .png, presumable because its also used in Privacy->Location Services in the Settings app.

    2014-05-19 07:22 PM
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    I have these icons themed in settings/iCloud. Ip5 7.0.6

    For keychain, Documents & Data, Find My iPhone, and Storage & Backup, Look in.....

    For Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, etc... Look in...

    We talked about this on the ios7 theme guide thread.
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    2014-05-19 07:56 PM
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    I thought it sounded familiar.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2014-05-19 08:08 PM
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    Ah, I'm on 7.1 beta 3. No doubt this is how it will work in future iOS releases then, so good to be prepared!
    2014-05-19 08:10 PM
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    Ok. Makes sense now. Please share any findings. Nothing wrong with getting a head start.
    2014-05-19 08:18 PM
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    Yip I can confirm 7.1 + what better thing to do than to EXTRACT IT!
    I have an 7.1 A5 ***extracted*** IPSW on my i5 for research & sure it enough it exists!

    Contains 11 icons


    Thanks to cobbyco for letting me know!

    You can grab the RETINA "[email protected]" files and JSON (script) I made for it HERE if you need to extract or recompile

    Still need to look at NON Retina support which I can look at that later.

    The "[email protected]" needs to go in your "legacy_metadata" folder to extract & recompile.

    Good luck

    Looks like the iPad2 has the AES keys posted so ill pull this 7.1 IPSW down & extract it & get the "Non Retina" dataclassIconCache .artwork & update the extractor tool!

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    2014-05-19 08:25 PM
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    Have now provided support for both the Retina & Non Retina "dataclassIconCache" .artwork files.

    These exist ONLY in 7.1.X & are the icons for the iCloud Settings pane.

    Will update the modded Dave Peck zip to include the two new JSONs I had to create.

    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
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    2014-05-20 01:56 AM
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    Well today has been a BIG day of discoveries, first extracting the 7.1 "dataclassIconCache" .artwork files, I then have managed to decipher the footer section of the iconCache .artwork files which could mean manipulating the iconCache files to include additional pngs! Lastly I think i've finally managed to work out "MODERN" .artwork files!

    Recap, "Legacy" .artwork files require a dedicated JSON file to extract the .artwork files which contain the metadata, e.g Image name, width, height & byte offset.

    iOS6 seen the introduction on what Dave Peck deemed "Modern" .artwork files, these contain all the metadata in the "Header" section of the .artwork file. So to extract them you just need your "" script that knows where the relevant info is to extract.

    I had to this day never figured that out, Dave had explained it in his .py scripts but it was beyond me...UNTIL NOW!

    So what does this mean? ESSENTIALLY it means NOT conforming to the previous .artwork restrictions! e.g it could be now possible to run WinterBoard
    sized pngs WITHOUT WB!

    Obviously ONLY for 6X but it is something I have been working towards for a long time!

    Take a look at the attached pic here of the [email protected]~iphone.artwork (iOS6) which contains 8 pngs and the last image is "kb-notes-bg.png"

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-hex_it_notes.png

    Take a glance at row "0 0080" it starts off 28 00 28 00

    This actually the width and height being specified in Hexadecimal which 28 = 40 in Decimal, so the image is 40 x 40 pixels which is the actual size of "kb-notes-bg.png"

    The next bit highlighted is 60 68 09 00(and should be the image offset) it took me a while to figure it out as I has been focusing on the Decimal equivalent of 616544 bytes (image offset) but no its actually 9 68 60 in Hexadecimal which is exactly the offset for png "kb-notes-bg.png" For some reason the image offset in Hex Editor reads right to left. But I have checked all images in this .artwork and ALL image offsets read right to left!

    There is still a bit more to figure out but now I believe it is possible to once again break free from the .artwork restrictions as Doug Dev & I did with the RGBA script to overcome the greyscale restrictions!
    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
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    2014-05-20 09:44 AM
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    Thanks! All working on 7.1 now: CxX5kan.jpg
    2014-05-20 11:50 AM
  13. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    Well...BIG NEWS again!

    I managed to work out the "footer" area in the "iconCache" .artwork file to add an extra png as .artwork byte data at the right offset AND update the footer area to accept the modded iconCache file!

    7.1 iconCache.artwork file contains 38 icons but is missing the "Touch ID" icon as no NON Retina iDevices support Touch ID. I have been working on a mod to add this to 7.0.X devices as it appears on iOS 7.1 iDevices!

    Here's a comparison between the 7.0 iconCache files footer areas, there is only few differences in this area.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-iconcache_compare1.png

    Retina top has 3A in the blue boxes twice, 3A in Hex = 58 in Dec (think 58x58px for Retina Setting icons) and you can see the "25" Hex code further along that equals 37 (# of icons in iconCache)

    The Non Retina version has 1D in the blue boxes show 1D in Hex code which equals 29 (so 29x29px for Non Retina Settings icons) and again the 25 appears which equals 37.

    So all I did was copy the bottom bplist "footer" area data from the Retina 7.1 iconCache .artwork file (remember retina has 39 icons) and tweaked the 3A sections to 1D and BOOM!

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-non_retina_39.png

    A valid modded iconCache .artwork that the iOS accepts!
    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
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    2014-05-20 12:28 PM
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    That's great progress Jato. I like seeing your hard work pay off. Wish I could do more to help you out man.
    2014-05-20 01:22 PM
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    That's great progress Jato. I like seeing your hard work pay off. Wish I could do more to help you out man.
    Thanks man! All gd here! It's really just putting ya mind to look at the byte data in a Hex Editor! Looking for patterns or anomalies! Now I've gotta work out how to build a few new .py scripts!

    Also I have been working on the rumoured "@3x" pngs for the iPhone 6 & I have the artwork tool compiling/extracting for "@3x" specs! Took a bit but here's a sneak pic! I've worked out the offsets & sizing! As long as "@3x" is 50% larger than Retina then my calculations should be BANG ON!

    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
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    2014-05-20 01:32 PM
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    I'm looking forward to the i6. If they come out with 2 sizes, you think it will be just one new icon size?
    2014-05-20 01:43 PM
  17. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to the i6. If they come out with 2 sizes, you think it will be just one new icon size?
    Same here! No I think if they do a huge screen version they might squeeze the "@3x" resolution! Now that's a BIG hunch on my part but I'm also buying into the rumours & hype! It all makes sense!

    I think the smaller version 6 could still run Retina. I've dubbed "@3x" "Super Retina" haha!

    But if "@3x" eventuates I will be ready & I have it fingers crossed worked out & covered!

    Settings icons - iconCache 8X
    Non Retina - @1x - 29x29px
    Retina - @2x - 58x58px
    Super Retina - @3x - 87x87px
    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
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    2014-05-20 01:50 PM
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    Yes, that's what I was thinking. I'm good with "Super Retina".
    2014-05-20 01:57 PM
  19. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    Yes, that's what I was thinking. I'm good with "Super Retina".
    Nice! Well we may find out in a few weeks! Ill be sure to let u know if this all comes to fruition! In the mean time ill need to get the "dataclassIconCache" files uploaded etc & also the OSX iconCache tutorial done! My rMBP has turned up at the shop but I was counting on it turning up later this week or next. So will need to get it & get the OSX tut done!
    Twitter ID: @Jato_BZ
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    2014-05-20 02:01 PM
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    iconCache .artwork Tutorial (MAC / OSX 10.8 & 10.9 SUPPORT ONLY) ***PART 1***

    This tutorial will explain the necessary steps to install the required software to extract and recompile your
    own Setting's icons.

    The tutorial is probably a bit longer than the version found at the start of this thread but this tutorial here is geared towards getting the environment set up correctly and working straight away.

    Unfortunately the method to extract/recompile the iconCache .artwork files is "Command Line" based. No GUI exists for it.

    Ill be basing this tutorial off my Mac Book Pro which is running OSX 10.9 "Mavericks" and the OP on this thread but modded (thanks CrAcKzZZ).
    I plan to provide support for Mac OSX 10.8/10.7/10.6 in the future.

    Table Of Contents (Jump to sections!!)

    Enabling Root User
    Configuring Python
    Installing PIL 1.1.7
    Extracting/Exporting the icons
    Recompiling your Settings Icons to the iconCache .artwork file

    Enabling Root User

    First step is to enable "root" user on your Mac if not enabled already. The reason why? Instead of manually installing Python 2.7.X,
    Python actually ships with OSX in a range of versions which avoids the hassle of trying to install via Terminal or other utilities. So we need to have read/write access to the Python folder I intend to base this tutorial off. This tutorial is about getting you up and running as fast as possible!

    So head over here to configure "root" access IF not enabled already.

    After you have done that OR you have "root" user enabled you need to locate these Python folders.

    Configuring Python

    You can navigate to them here: /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.frameworks/Versions/2.7

    OR just follow below if you need the step by step approach.

    Bring up finder I just use the shortcut "Shift+Command+G" if I am already in a current folder, a box will drop down like below.
    Just the "/" WITHOUT the quotation marks and press enter.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-finder.png

    This will bring up a few folders, the folder you are after is "System", double click on this as per below to enter the System folder.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-system.png

    This takes you to "Library", double click on this as per below to enter the Library folder.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-library.png

    This then brings up A LOT of folders, the one you are after IS "Frameworks", again double click on this as per below to enter the Framework folder.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-frameworks.png

    This now brings up your "Framework folders", the file you need to find IS "Python.framework" double click on this as per below to enter the Python.framework folder.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-python_framework.png

    Next you will see a "Versions" folder in the "Python.framework" folder double click on the "Versions" as per below to enter the Version folder.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-versions.png

    FINALLY there is the different versions of Python installed by default on your Mac / OSX.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-2_7.png

    The folder you require for this tutorial is "2.7" BEFORE double clicking on this folder we need to toggle the READ/WRITE permissions!

    Right click on the 2.7 folder which brings up various actions as below and select "Get Info" as per the picture.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-2.7_get_info.png

    By default the System Folders have the "WRITE" permission turned off to avoid doing damage to the OSX which is for good reason.
    BUT for this Tutorial to work we need to enable the WRITE access.

    Look towards the bottom of the pop up info window for the "2.7" folder. Find the "Sharing & Permissions" section. Click on the "Right Arrow"
    section to reveal the permissions if they are not visible already.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-2.7_info.png

    There you will see the "Name" & "Privilege" sections, by default "Read & Write" ONLY applies to the administrator. So to update the other areas "wheel" & "everyone" you will need to click on the "Lock" symbol on the bottom right corner of the pop up info window.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-2.7_info_unlock.png

    This then forces your "Root" user login to pop up and for you to enter your password, enter this and then proceed to toggle the "read/write" permissions to "wheel" and "everyone". After that is done, LOCK the lock symbol you unlocked to keep the changes in effect.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-2.7_info_read_write.png

    Close the 2.7 Get info pop up window.

    That's the Python 2.7 this tutorial will be based off. It is now set to read and write to it and in the process you have found the location.

    Installing PIL 1.1.7

    [B]THE NEXT STEP - Installing PIL 1.1.7 & Dave Peck's and my additional scripts as per below

    Download the below tools.

    PIL 1.1.7 (Python Imaging Library)
    Dave Pecks .artwork tools + My additional scripts for "iconCache/dataclassIconCache" support!

    Double click on the "pil-1.1.7-2.pkg" file in your "Downloads" folder, it will then guide you through the installation process via installer. I have found this to be the easiest method to install PIL 1.1.7 on OSX. It requires no Terminal coding to install whatsoever.

    If successfully installed you will see this nice pop up window!

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-osx_python_installed.png

    Extract Dave Peck's .artwork tools as shown in the picture & DRAG OR COPY these files/folders ( in total) to the Python location (/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.frameworks/Versions/2.7)

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-dave_peck_jato_zip.png

    Lastly its ideal to place your "[email protected]" file OR NON - Retina "iconCache.artwork" files in your Python 2.7 folder.
    Here are the 6X/7.0X & 7.1 Retina & NON Retina iconCache .artwork files AND dataclassIconCache .artwork 7.1.X Retina & Non Retina files HERE if you need them!

    OR navigate to your "" and you will find the "iconCache .artwork" file in there (/var/stash/Applications.xXxxxX}

    Create a folder in your Python 2.7 folder called Icons (will explain why later)

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-python_icons.png

    Extracting/Exporting the icons

    Extracting/Exporting the icons!

    Open Terminal

    The easiest way to get the commands right is, to drag and drop the files & folders into the Terminal window! Like below

    Start by dragging the "" file in the Python 2.7 folder to the Terminal window and release as so.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-ios-artwork.py_drag_terminal_rz.png

    Once you have done that you should see the below text appear in the Terminal window. Essentially its just the path to the script we have dropped into Terminal.

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-ios-artwork.py_drag_text.png

    Next we need to type "export -a" WITHOUT the quotation marks as per below - This is telling to extract a yet to be specified .artwork file

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-export_text.png

    THEN, drag the iconCache .artwork you wish to extract into the Terminal window again as per below - This tells the extractor tool to extract the RETINA iconCache file specified in this example

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-iconcache_drag_terminal_rz.png

    Again it will look like this

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-iconcache_drag_text.png

    Next we need to type "-d" WITHOUT the quotation marks as per below - This is telling the extractor to extract/export the images to a specified directory (Think the folder "Icons" we created)

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-d_flag.png

    Lastly you just need to drag in the "Icons" folder I got you to create earlier in the iconCache tutorial into the Terminal window again - This is telling to extractor to extract/export the images from the iconCache .artwork to the folder named "Icons" in your "Python 2.7" folder!

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-icons_drag_terminal_rz.png

    If it looks as below follow the next step

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-icons_drag_text.png

    Now press ENTER and fingers crossed it extracts the icons from the [email protected]k to your "Icons" Python 2.7 folder.

    If successful you will see a stream of Terminal text extracting out the icons as per below! CONGRATS!

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-iconcache_export_hi_rz.png

    Open up the "Icons" folder in the Python "2.7" folder and will see the icons extracted from the [email protected]k file!

    iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-iconcache_extracted_icons_rz.png

    Recompiling your Settings Icons to the iconCache .artwork file
    Attached Thumbnails iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-ios-artwork.py_drag_terminal_rz.png   iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-icons_drag_terminal_rz.png   iOS .ARTWORK file Extractor (with Tutorial)-icons_drag_text.png  
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    2014-05-24 07:04 AM
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